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  1. V8 Swap Smaller Steering Box suggestions

    I swapped in a 302 into my ranger and by doing so I needed to use a oil filter relocation kit and this made everything very tight in the power steering box area. My question is has anyone found a smaller steering box for these trucks. Thanks in advance.
  2. driveshaft issue after drop

    I dropped my truck about 3" in the front and approximately 5" in the rear. Now when I put the D-shaft in it BARELY fits. The shaft has no plunge and NO wiggle room. I know this is a bad scenario and can damage the transmission, but my question is how much shorter should my driveshaft be? I need...
  3. M50D Behind a 4.0

    I was going to check before I leap for once. I am going to be swapping a 4.0 in to my 2.3 95 ranger 5-speed. I read in the transmission tech section that the 2.3 trans was also put behind the 4.0. My question is, are the trans interchangeable between the two motors? Thanks on advance DJ
  4. Parts/Upgrade Kit for M5OD-R1

    My 95' 4cyl 5-speed 2wd ranger has some pretty evil sounds coming from the transmission. Its a bad "WERRRING" sound im not sure what is wrong but i am sure the transmission needs a full rebuild anyway. If there is a site out there that sells everything in a kit that would be great. Any help is...
  5. Nitro 4 Tec $120 obo

    I have a nitro 4 Tec for sale it ran fine last time I used it. Comes with remote $120 obo
  6. Lowering my 95

    I have been looking at lowering my truck for a while now but i cant find a good picture of what im looking to do to see if its what i want. Im trying to achieve a leveled lower look... I want to be able use the bed for hauling and towing i work construction and ride dirtbikes so i still need...
  7. V8 Swap Online Manual

    There is a manual online that goes through a V8 swap a guy did step by step its like $25 to buy. I was wondering what the website was that the manual is on. I bought it already but my computer crashed... and now its gone... I'm hoping he will let me re-download it. Thanks DJ
  8. Bad trans noise

    I swapped in an explorer 8.8 with 4.88 gears into my ranger and now i have some problems. In 1st, 2nd, and 3rd gear nothing seems different but when i get into 4th there is a sound when i let off the gas and coast still in gear. In 5th the sound is always present when in gear accel and decel...
  9. 8.8 swap problems!!!

    Heres the story: Problem #1: I just swapped an explorer 8.8 into my 95 ranger and i bled the breaks when the swap was complete and when i hit the breaks theres hardly any stopping, but when i hit them a second time its a little more firm and if i hit them a third time it is perfect... Does...
  10. Squishy Break Pedal

    Heres the story: I just swapped an explorer 8.8 into my 95 ranger and i bled the breaks when the swap was complete and when i hit the breaks theres hardly any stopping, but when i hit them a second time its a little more firm and if i hit them a third time it is perfect... Does this mean i...
  11. Replacing Diff Cover

    I just put new gears in my axle and filled it with new gear oil. But i recently got a RuffStuff diff cover and want to put it on. My question is, do i need to drain all the NEW oil out or can i turn the axle so most of it will stay in and only have to refill what ever comes out when i take the...
  12. C4 behind a 2.3?

    In the tech section under the transmission swap tab it says you can put a C4 behind a 2.3. I understand the bell housing to make this all work is ONLY in Pintos but if i were to find one how hard would it be to do? I drive a 1995 2.3 manual transmission 2wd. My knowledge is very limited when...
  13. Fliping spring perches explorer 8.8

    I need to switch the explorer 8.8 from the sprung under to sprung over and was wondering what the best way to weld the perches back on stick or mig? And what wire or rod should i use? Thanks in advance. -DJ
  14. Need Some Help ASAP with pinion shaft

    I pulled an 8.8 from an explorer and was going to have the local community college put the 4.88's i bought for the axle in. Well i got a call today from the teacher working on the 8.8 and he said the "pinion shaft" that came with the 4.88's is not thick enough. And the one that came in the 8.8...
  15. Problems Shifting

    I dont know much about clutches or transmissions but i have a question about something that falls in one of the two categories. I drive a 95 4cylinder 2wd 5-speed ranger. When i drive and shift into 2nd gear it grinds every time. Also when i try to shift into reverse it is abnormally hard to...
  16. Pinion Angle Question

    I am going to be swapping in an Explorer 8.8 with disc brakes. I read the tec article about the swap but i dont understand how to find the pinion angle. Could someone explain that to me further?? Also how do i connect the brake lines to the new axle?? Any information is appreciated! Thanks -DJ
  17. Throttle Hesitation

    I have a 95 2.3 and when i mash the skinny peddle the truck hesitates then 2 seconds later gets going?? Im not to sure where to start my inspection any advise is greatly appreciated! thanks -DJ
  18. 8.8 rear end swap

    I have read the tech article about swapping the rear end out but i was wondering If there was a better year then others to replace mine with? I have a 95 5-speed 2wd. Are there wider 8.8's than others if so wider would be better in my case. I plan to pull the bedsides either way. Would a...
  19. No tach - tach

    I have a 5-speed manual but i do not have a tachometer in the factory instrument panel. So i am wondering how easy it would be to install a a factory instrument panel that has a tachometer. Its a 95 2.3 if that helps. Thanks in advance. -DJ
  20. Temp gauge

    Temp gauge comes up less then a quarter of the way then after a while just dropes back off when the truck is well warm. I have replaced the thermostat i dont know what else i could try so any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. :icon_cheers: DJ