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  1. Cummins 2.8

    Anyone thinking about the new 2.8 from Cummins to power a Ranger, probably a lot of work to do but I would really like one in my Ranger.
  2. Transmission leak

    Thanks Tasman, so is this roll pin exposed enough to remove it and does it need replace also.
  3. Transmission leak

    Have an oil leak at the shifter where it goes into the transmission on the drivers side ( 2009 fx4), just wondering how hard they are to replace. Guessing drop the transmission pan and remove the shaft to replace the seal but haven,t done it before so any guidance would be appreciated.
  4. No heat

    Working again with new blend door actuator (sure wasn't, no15.00, paid 70.00 ca, transport to a colder climate must cost more), old actuator didn't,t have any broken gears, just the brushes on the electric motor breaking off, did do a limited search for just the motor and no luck, figures...
  5. No heat

    Quick update, removed the actuator and tested the motor and it would not move with power so I took the back of the motor off to find the brushes twisted and not making contact, ordered a new actuator so should have it working again tomorrow.
  6. No heat

    Thanks for all that info guys, going to check vac lines and power in the plug in the next couple of days and report what I find, guessing it,s the blend door motor, I will report what I find.
  7. No heat

    Thanks for the info Bird, took the actuator out and looked inside for damage but everything seems to be ok, no broken gears, the drive on the actuator does not move with the key on when operating the heat control valve so I am going to have a look at the control panel heat switch first and see...
  8. No heat

    Had a cool day and turned the heat dial to full warm and no hot air, a/c works, vents all change fine with the switch but the heat control does not provide heat when all the way in the red. Heater lines are warm by heater core, heat control does not feel any different but still no warm air...
  9. O2 sensors change intervals

    Wondering if the sensors should be changed at a specific millage interval or wait for a change in fuel millage (before and after the cat). Have been told every 60 thousand miles, don't mind changing things for maintenance but not just to change things, don't have a ob2 reader but truck runs fine...
  10. Broken arm rest

    In the process of installing a Bluetooth system I managed to break the arm rest at the hinge. Anyone know if any of the explorers or Rangers had a better console system I could buy or find in a salvage yard, probably going to break it again, sure would like a full length console that uses the...
  11. 5 speed down to two gears

    2007, 2wd, 3 ltr, 5 spd, had the dealer install new clutch and master about a month ago, son was driving today and now has only 2 or three gears, shifter is moving way to far from side to side, guessing something came apart ( yes I will talk to the dealer), just wondering what may have happened...
  12. Back up alarm, turn off

    Have a 2009 FX4, anyone know how to turn off or disable it(back up alarm). Don,t have an owner,s manual to look in.
  13. Bushing change to bearing

    2009 4+4, fx4 front passenger side axle, just had truck in to have axle seals changed, they tell me the bushing on the axle is worn and wearing a groove in the axle, upon trying to order a bushing they say it has been changed to a bearing, does that make sense, may change the axle also, who has...
  14. Axle seals

    2009 FX4,4+4, front axle seals leaking, is there a tech article on changing just the seals, I have been searching but haven,t found anything yet, pictures would help, believe it is a Dana 35.
  15. Cam sychronizer on 4 liter

    Have a 2009 4+4, auto, Fx4, I have changed a synchronizer on the 3 liter and it wasn,t hard at all, wondering where it is on the 4 liter and if it is more difficult to do, Thanks for any replies.
  16. Convert open diff to limited slip

    2007 2wd, 5spd std,3liter, 8.8 diff,410 gears, anyone know if an open diff can be converted to a limited slip and if the axles would have to be changed in the process.