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  1. Newbie to ranger upgrade and mods

    Welcome to TRS-
  2. Super duty opinion? 01 7.3

    The power stroke would be good for a business that tows agriculture/landscaping machines (John Deere backhoe and/or Bobcat). The only bad thing (or two) is the breakdown will be costly & diesel prices have gone up-
  3. thinking about buying some air tools....

    May I add the sounds of "snap, crackle & pop" to hand/wrist bones?
  4. Automotive technology you miss.

    You must be kidding...? Hard to do when doing the 3 pedal tango, added a switch in dash for easy on/off. Nowadays, the switch is in the stalk in steering column. I have been lucky so far but some day I'll miss the battery in engine compartment-
  5. Hello

    Welcome to TRS-
  6. Oil filter change on a 3.0. Frustrating.

    I have an Edge model too, grip the filter from underneath to remove. The funnel stays...! The only shortcoming is (thread here or u toob?) shorting out starter when contacting w/filter-
  7. A

    Welcome to TRS... Looking forward to your build thread(y)
  8. 1st gen daily drivers?

    I thought the Blue Oval in the middle of tailgate determines 5th gen-
  9. Injector cleaning

    Doesn't ethanol hold water which is a no-no? Bad for motors, boats, etc-
  10. Injector cleaning

    I buy the 91% isopropyl alcohol on sale & pour in gas tank before fill up-
  11. Just need to vent...

    There should be one from battery to firewall too-
  12. Just need to vent...

    Better check grounds too, might have to sand/grind metal for better contact. *Hint* it happened to me-
  13. An old style parts place

    Sorry for threadjack, but where's the other comedi... I mean Canadian that writes short stories? Mark88... Did the healthcare run out of parts to install-
  14. Vehicle Shipping Service?

    Sign up for triple A ??
  15. Hello - 2000 Ranger Trail Head

    Welcome! I like the cactus plants too-
  16. Another slave cylinder thread...

    Bleed the slave cylinder to pinpoint the problem & for safety's sake-
  17. Could we make this sale happen? My cell # (to prevent spam/robo calls) 1 84five 38nine 241three...

    Could we make this sale happen? My cell # (to prevent spam/robo calls) 1 84five 38nine 241three Can we communicate via texts? Ima deaf- mark
  18. see new listing

    I'm interested, PM sent-

    LoL I thought it was a play on wording to get financing from bank(s)-

    Loan Arranger??