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  1. Need immediate help with FM146

    This past weekend finished a clutch change in my 89 bronco 2. Drove it around just fine for about forty miles now clutch won't depress. I changed flywheel clutch and slave cylinder and bled the system after the change.
  2. Which 5spd ?

    Hey everyone it's about time I drain my manual tranny and I don't know which 5spd I have and I know that can make a big difference with the Mazda taking ATF. So vehicle stats are 89 B2 4x4 manual shift 1350 with a 5spd tranny. Can you help me identify which one I have? Sent using Tapatalk
  3. New Bro2 owner

    Hey everybody I just recently bought a 1989 Bronco 2 and I've been doing some reading about them, talked to some friends, and had my own thoughts. You guys seem to be experts past me in this area so hopefully I can bounce some ideas off ya. 1 motor swap the 2.9l in it now is clean and running so...