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  1. veefer800canuck

    Duratec spitting #3 spark plug?

    Inspect the spark plug threads in the head with a borescope. Then go from there.
  2. veefer800canuck

    Top 51 trucks of all time.

    Found this while mindlessly scrolling through Facebook.
  3. veefer800canuck

    Do these 4.0 SOHC headers suck?

    No brand name, price is too good to be true, smells like it might be cheaP junk to avoid? Anybody know first hand?
  4. veefer800canuck

    Ranger monster truck

    Found for sale by the side of the road, near Edson, alberta. No drivetrain in it.
  5. veefer800canuck

    Soo....this week sucked the big one...

    Wow, major suckitude. Sending good vibes your way!
  6. veefer800canuck

    Bushwacket pocket flares not covering fender holes???

    Bushwacker pocket flares not covering fender holes??? So I have my bushwacker flares in hand, took off the right front FACTORY flare to begin with. Holding the bushwacker in place, it does not seem like it will ever cover the factory clip holes in the front fenders. The OE Ford flares are...
  7. veefer800canuck

    Would 2009 Ranger Flowmaster dual exhaust fit on a 2011? So Flowmaster lists this dual exit system for a 2009 Ranger FX4, but not for 2010 or 2011 Rangers. I'm wondering why it wouldn't fit my 2011 FX4, anyone know?
  8. veefer800canuck

    2011 ranger grille improvements

    So I'm not really loving the look of the grille on the '11 Would rather it not be body colour, so I thought of painting it black. Then I was liking the honeycomb grilles on some of the earlier rangers. I read on another Ranger forum that a 2004-2005 grille would fit. Without having a 2004...
  9. veefer800canuck

    My 2011 FX4 mod thread

    My supercharged 2011 FX4 mod thread Hey TRS, loving my new-to-me 2011 FX4, big leap over my trusty old 1994 2WD. Here she is the day I got her home, looking like every other one, except with a Rhino Liner freshly sprayed in by the dealer. Thought I'd start a thread to keep track of the...
  10. veefer800canuck

    Twice as horny as before

    So after only a couple weeks of owning my '11 FX4, I was hating on the sound of the horn. It was wimpy sounding (tone) and not loud enough. Had a look at it, typical FIAMM snail horn. Low tone. Ordered a pair of horns off EBAY, both Hi and Low tone meant for a Ford, with bracket and wiring...
  11. veefer800canuck

    Flare Width: Bushwacker pocket style flares Vs OEM flares

    2011 FX4 So to compliment the 3" body lift, 285 tires and wheels, I'm looking at some fender flares. Never really liked the OEM flares on the Ranger, they look like they were stolen from an F350 and glued on. A little too tall, too rounded, and don't stick out far enough. And the fake plastic...
  12. veefer800canuck

    New to me 2011 Ranger FX4, need wheel and tire advice

    Picking up my new-to-me 2011 Ranger FX4 this week. Grey, 5 speed :yahoo: I've been looking for wheel/tire combos, and trying to see what will fit, with mild mods. So far, I've discovered the 2008+ trucks are lowered from the factory. OK, dial in the torsion bars and fit the Belltech 6400...
  13. veefer800canuck

    Cruise control working only sporadically

    1994 Ranger SC, 4.0, 5 speed man, 260,000 KM Factory cruise has lately not been working at all, until you drive the vehicle about 15 miles or so, then it starts working. Will work great for an hour or three, until you stop and shut off the truck, then quits working again until you drive 10-20...
  14. veefer800canuck

    Bulletproof motorcycle tiedown points in Ranger Bed

    So I wanted to haul my bike in my truck, it's 500 Lbs. Unfortunately, the Ranger has almost nothing to attach to except these flimsy little brackets inside the box, and they are made of the finest Drop-Forged Cheese, and held on by luck and well-wishes. So I began to look at the bed...
  15. veefer800canuck

    Full. Of. Win.

    This thing is Fawesome. hEA02kfdh8o
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    double-checking facts RE: Mustang Cobra wheel fitment

    Mustang Cobra wheels are on! <edit: pics at the bottom> It's a little late, as I already have the wheels in the garage, and some parts coming from Ebay, but I just wanted to settle my mind 100% on how this will work. I'm about 99% at the moment, LOL. the rims are OEM Mustang Cobra's, 16x8...
  17. veefer800canuck

    2010+ complete rear axle swap (with discs) into earlier ranger???

    So, my E-brake must have screwed up yesterday, because the LR brake was dragging after using the e-brake, I was out of town, and no tools to speak of. :annoyed: :annoyed: :annoyed: The pedal released fully, but something inside the one drum didn't. By the time I got home, it was smoking hot...
  18. veefer800canuck

    Are the different motors for the ranger equally good?

    My 4.0 used a little oil when I got it, but I did all the top end gaskets, to cure a coolant leak, and changed the valve seals while I was at it, and it hasn't used any oil since.
  19. veefer800canuck

    Post your motorcycle pics in here!

    Street bikes, dirt bikes, Harleys, Moto Guzzis, hell I don't care. As long as it has two wheels. :icon_thumby: Owned by me since 2000, it's a 1999 Honda VFR800 Interceptor, not exactly stock. 80,200 kilometers on the odometer, written off by an errant car in 2009 and rebuilt by myself. You...
  20. veefer800canuck

    1994 Ranger blue LED dash

    Had a burned out bulb, got some blue LED's off Fleabay, gotta have skinny hands to reach in behind the instrument cluster after unbolting it. Ouch. As always, camera doesn't do it justice......