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  1. Temp gauge

    Temp guage will move from cold to normal then drop back to cold. After about 5-10mins of driving it will reach normal operating temp and stay. Could this be the thermostat trying to stick open? 2006 Ford Ranger 3.0 RWD
  2. Recommended weight

    Looking for a recommended weight to put in the back of my RWD ranger without jeopardizing steering or traction up front. Live in Missouri so weather is pretty unpredictable most of the time.
  3. Hard start

    Not really sure if I'm posting this on the right forum but I have a 2006 Ford ranger sport 3.0 RWD. It starts right up Everytime but when I first start it,it seems like it has a hard or rough sounding start like it's drawing to much air or gas maybe not sure. My rpm will jump to 2000 then drop...
  4. Headlights

    Need help adjusting headlights up. Replaced the housing bc they were to foggy. The housing has 3 studs and one had a screw that moves the head lamp up some but not enough and it's maxed. I've read on other forums you can lock on to the stud right below it with a socket and it will adjust it to...
  5. Passenger side mirror

    2006 Ford Ranger Sport 3.0 RWD Passenger side mirror keeps moving out of place it's not electric and gas no way to adjust from inside truck I have to get out and manually push my mirrors where I want them. The passenger one is hard to adjust and barely pushes in far enough to see correctly from...
  6. Fuel pressure

    Have a 2006 Ford ranger sport 3.0 2wd. Does any one know what the fuel pressure specs are for my truck.I would like to do a girl pressure check but don't know the range it should fall in. I would like both engine running and not running. Thanks!
  7. Differential

    Have a 2006 Ford ranger sport 3.0 2wd. I got a new job and I have to drive 20 miles on a somewhat curvy and holy road. I'm thinking ahead about winter. Is there anything I can do to my truck to help it handle better in winter conditions? Someone was telling me about a lockrite I can get put into...
  8. Acceleration/power issue

    I have a 2006 Ford ranger sport 3.0 2wd. My truck seems to have trouble accelerating going up hills on highways, (so at high speeds). It will accelerate fine going up at lower speeds and you can actually feel it open up when you press the gas down further. When I do that at high speeds I have to...
  9. Door rattle

    Have a 2006 Ford ranger and my driver door is rattling. I live in the country on dirt road and that's when it's worse. On regular pavement you never hear it. I've tried moving the door up and down and there no play on hinges but there's play when you close it. It's like it's not closing all the...
  10. Striker plate

    My driver side door rattles like crazy does anyone know if the striker plate is adjustable on this model? 2006 Ford ranger sport 3.0 2wd
  11. Help!!

    Awhile back I posted a thread about my truck having a hard shift on 2-3. I got a couple responses and decided to go with one. Today I was going to replace my valve body with a shift kit valve body. So I unbolted my pan and let some fluid out and then removed it. When I went through my pan I...
  12. 2006 Ford ranger sport

    Why does Ford say my truck should have 235/75/15 but my tire placard on door says 225/70/15? Also would it hurt to put the 235's on instead of the 225's that are currently on it?
  13. 2006 Ford ranger sport

    Does anyone have the procedure to replace airbag clock spring? It has no tilt,cruise control or any other controls on wheel just horn and airbag.
  14. 2006 Ford ranger sport

    I have the 5r44e transmission and it has a hard shift from 2-3. It revved up to almost 3k before finally going and when it does it's hard and twice now it has triggered my od off light. It was below freezing on both times. Got code pulled and it is gear 3 ratio. Are there any common problems...