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  1. Headlights

    Thank you! I can put a 4mm socket on the end and turn the stud never tried holding plastic piece while doing it so I will give that a shot. Appreciate the advice!
  2. Temp gauge

    Heat drops out to I'll pull the thermostat out and check it. Thanks RonD!
  3. Temp gauge

    Ok just figured I'd check mines never done that before normally it just slowly moves up to normal and stays. I've never seen mine move all the way up to normal then drop all the way back down to cold. Thanks guys!
  4. Temp gauge

    Temp guage will move from cold to normal then drop back to cold. After about 5-10mins of driving it will reach normal operating temp and stay. Could this be the thermostat trying to stick open? 2006 Ford Ranger 3.0 RWD
  5. Hard start

    Tried the throttle thing and it pretty much started right up and just revved and rpms went to 3000
  6. Hard start

    Just put a new filter on less than a year ago but I'll check the pressure out
  7. Hard start

    Ok I'll try that tonight when I get off work
  8. Hard start

    Just tried the key thing didn't seem to do anything different it's usually just the first start of the day it does it. Maybe I'm just over thinking it
  9. Headlights

    Lmao no way!
  10. Headlights

    Alright I'll give that a try tomorrow and post back. I appreciate all your help!
  11. Headlights

    I'll try an give them a turn again tomorrow should I turn the 4 prong part or the circle part in front of it?
  12. Headlights

    I can fit a 4mm socket on the ends of the stud
  13. Headlights

    That white one is on my turn signal I read on a forum somewhere that you adjust the bottom one first then use the top one with the screw to fine tune it but I can't get the bottom one to do anything. How would I adjust the plastic piece I've tried turning them once and they felt fixed and I...
  14. Headlights

    The center beam is prob 15 maybe 20 ft at the most!
  15. Headlights

    They got them black and white plastic pieces on the bottom two studs but they seem to be fixed
  16. Headlights

    Unfortunately no paper work and mine have 2 on bottom and one up top
  17. Headlights

    There's three two on the headlamp side and one on the bottom by turn signal
  18. Recommended weight

    Appreciate the advice thank you guys!
  19. Headlights

    That sucks cause thats as high as they go then