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  1. Saddle Tramp

    Found while shopping

    First gen Ranger in racing beige! (Light Chestnut?) I didn't see a V-6 badge on the front fenders, so I'm guessing its a 2.3? 2wd and in great shape. Better than the picture I took.
  2. Saddle Tramp

    Merry Christmas!

    Hope you have a great one.
  3. Saddle Tramp

    1987 Ford Ranger 2.9 "Bigfoot Cruiser"

    The owner lives in rural Maine, as the pictures of the Ranger and his lack of cell phone coverage attest, but the truck is totally eighties! The guy doesn't give much information, but you can see a 2.9 in the picture as well as a chrome "roll bar" and graphics job that will bring back...
  4. Saddle Tramp

    Unexpected side effect from the talk here.

    Does anyone else want to see a 2.9 vs. 3.0 challenge? After all the trash talk between the two I really want to see which is better at what. My first thought went straight to "tug-o-war" but I really don't want to see anyone's rig damaged in the process and whichever has the best grip is...
  5. Saddle Tramp

    Stake holes?

    I was at the dealership today and realized that none of the Rangers on the lot had them. Are they available on any model?
  6. Saddle Tramp

    Tree in Ranger pics?

    We didn't get ours yet but did anyone get their Christmas tree and take a pic of it in their Ranger?
  7. Saddle Tramp

    Crazy 2wd vs 4wd question.

    Sibling rivalries are forever. Can a 2wd Ranger with a rear locker keep up with a Subaru Outback? I checked the dimensions and the Ranger matches or beats the Subie in approach, break over, and departure angles. It's the traction. Will a locker give it enough to go on trails you'd feel...
  8. Saddle Tramp

    Found this 87 2wd Ranger with it's awesome 2.9 on YouTube

    I wasn't sure if it was ok to post this or where, so I decided to play it safe. When i saw the video, though, I knew someone here would be interested. (Unfortunately he doesn't give a price.) Highlights from the video: It's an auction purchase bought by a recycling center for resale. It has...
  9. Saddle Tramp

    Looks like we have our first recorded C8 crash and involves a Ranger

    It looks like everyone is safe, but dang it. Why a Ranger? Corvette Crash
  10. Saddle Tramp

    Power window stuck up

    My passenger side power window is stuck in the up/closed position. I bought the replacement parts but don't know how to lower the window to get at the rivets holding the glass to the arm. Any suggestions?
  11. Saddle Tramp

    Low mileage Ranger reported at Barn Finds.

    Every day I drift over to Barn Finds to see if they have anything interesting. (Usually 50's to 70's trucks) Today they have a 1990 Ford Ranger listed. What caught my eye was that it has just 28,000-ish miles on it. Thought you guys might be interested...
  12. Saddle Tramp

    Questions for all those that converted their trucks to 4wd.

    Was it worth it? Did you do it as a hobby, because you have the skills, or did you have the work done? How much did it cost? How long do you plan to keep your Ranger now that you've converted it? A few years? Ten? Until it rusts away? I'm going through the "Should I spend 10K to convert or...
  13. Saddle Tramp

    Yep. Another question about tension guide durability

    How well do the redesigned ones hold up? I have a 2011 with roughly 82K miles and am starting to worry about the wear the have. (Every time I change the oil I can hear a light rattle for a day or two.) I'm not a diy-er so it would go to the shop. What's the average lifetime of the redesigned...
  14. Saddle Tramp


    Been lurking around for a bit and decided to make it official. My 2011 Sport surprised me with how well it can haul. It only has around 80K on it and I'm looking forward to seeing many more years on it to come.