1984 Ranger 4x4 2.8L FI (Kitsap County) $700

Kevin Evans

Aug 7, 2015
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Silverdale, Washington
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Selling my 1984 Ford Ranger 4x4 2.8L V6. It's a beater and I've been using it to haul stuff around the yard mostly. I don't really want to sell it but I need the money for school.

I converted the carb to FI from an Essex V6 and it's been pretty reliable since then. The FI system & ECU is from a Mercury Cougar and uses twin injectors (aka TBI/CFI).

The truck sat in the yard for a semester and started right back up without issue. It has a new fuel tank from a 2.9L w/ new sending unit. Newish dizzy cap and Motorcraft plugs. Blocked off the mechanical fuel pump and took a high pressure pump from a 2.9. Clutch is relatively new. 2 tires are new. It has 31s in the front ATs and 32 MTs in the rear. The 31s rub slightly when turning, but it's not bad. You could probably cut the fenders if it bugs you. Did valves not too long ago. Good compression, no major leaks, good vacuum.

The body is in pretty rough shape but the frame is good. No major rust, just a little surface rust. The front brake pads and rotors should be replaced soon, but they're not too bad.

Engine: Ford 2.8L V6 Cologne motor: same family as the 2.9, 4.0.
Transmission: Toyo Kogyo TK-4: 4 speed, no OD
Transfer case: Borg Warner 1350 mechanical
Axles: stock with stock diffs. Manual hubs in front

I have a full OE shop manual and literature on the fuel system. Also have a set of extra wheels. Please be local to Silverdale or Poulsbo.
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