'85 TK5 extension housing/output shaft bushing


Jan 9, 2018
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2.3 (4 Cylinder)
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Bump, with some optimistic news.

I pulled the trans out and have been steadily disassembling it to replace all the bearings. The synchros are fine, knock on wood, so it's just a bearing and seal rebuild. This has been done under the watchful eye and with help from a friend with a machine shop who knows more of what he's doing than I do, which is helpful. I do have the shop manual which has a detailed teardown in it, and we've been loosely referring to it as we go as well.

Side note for anyone who wants to try to rebuild one of these: there is a speciality tool that you can't get around having. It's a 1-5/8" (probably actually 41mm) extra deep socket to go around the mainshaft of the trans to remove a nut that's recessed in a gear. We were able to make this tool rather than finding the Ford/Rotunda/OTC specialty tool. There is no other type of socket or wrench we could come up with to do the job without cutting a socket and welding an extension in made of exhaust pipe.

When we got the bushing pressed out, it became apparent what the ID/OD discrepancy is about. Cobra Transmission is referring to the ID of the snout on the extension housing, which is the OD of the bushing. This is why there was such a wide spread between the numbers they are offering as available vs my yoke.

Available bushings are 1.580" = 40.132mm, or 1.510" = 38.354mm.
The actual OD of the bushing we pressed out came out to 40.12mm, so I bought the 1.580" new bushing.

It fits a lot snugger on the yoke, so here's hoping it cures the fluid loss.


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