89 bronco II with a blown engine


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Jul 25, 2009
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moreno Valley
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i have 2 ranger
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Ranger XLT exte
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4.0 & 2.3
I just recently was gifted an 89 bronco II XLT 4WD automatic transmission with a blown engine. Everything else is in great shape minus a rust spot or two around the fenders. I’m not a great mechanic by no means but do have some experience. I’m just wondering what my options are. I would love to drop a 4.0 engine in and manual transmission but am not sure how much I would be biting off. My other thought is to just replace the engine with the same 3.0 just to get it up and running. I plan to have it running by this fall.

I do have a good friend who will be helping me on this who is far more knowledgeable in this arena then me. Anyone got any ideas on what I would be getting myself into with a swap to 4.0 and the cost associated with it? I plan on hitting some junkyards that are local to me this week to see what my options are looking like for a donor vehicle. Thanks for any and all advice for this newbie.

I've been looking to do this to one of the 1988 and up Bronco II. I bought 1991 ranger with the 4.0 and 5 speed then 15 years later after an Illegal Mexican Hit the back of my ranger and tore up the bed. I found another 1990 ford ranger with a 4.0 with an auto in it I bought it for the blue XLT bed looked just like mine tore up the bed. So I swapped beds.

The guy I bought the 1990 ranger from told me he just put in a crate engine from Jasper engine rebuilds they build Drag Car and Drag boat motors they build Baha 1000 engine in Mexico race and they Build a lot of stock car motors for different events.

The thing about them is they dyno all there New rebuilt motors to get 1 hour of brake in time by using royal purple so you don't need to do any brake in running time of there engines Its done at the factory and you pay for it. I bought this truck from a nice guy in Chino Hills Ca.

After I got his bed on mine I went back to work. One day I was looking at his truck and said well lest see whats want with it he told me the timing chain was off He was wrong Later after 1 month of playing with it I found out he had bad injectors. The motor has almost no miles on it when I got it.

If you even have a lack of throttle response and it doses not ideal well check your injectors and check your O2 sensor. after I replaced the injectors truck came alive ran super smooth.

I'm on the look now to find me a Bronco II from 1988-91 I prefer a 1991 last year been looking for the explorer's that have the 5 speed in them. The 4.0 all I hear are good things about 1990--97 after 1997 they brought back the dreaded EGR valve that is a Peace of shit device it always goes bad.

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