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When searching for skull products for myself, I found it was quite limited in both options of design and pricing for the good designed products.
The Ranger disc has copies of the factory 2.9 manual along with 2.8 and 2.3 engines - also has transmission and rear end things with much other Ranger stuff.
Is the ranger still available?
Is truck safe to drive on the road as is?
I’m very interested in the vehicle and will be in Michigan around the second week of July.
Thanks for answering my questions.
Hello, I don't have any & nobody I checked with had any, Did you check with Queen City pick-a-part ( just off Trenton across highway #24 ) ?. I'll check with a couple more people. I was told that f&j transmissions on riverside dr. & A&H transmission on Lafayette rd. were good transmission repair shops.
Yes, I received your e-mail. I am most likely going to remove the supercharger set-up. I will include all parts including computer. I will contact you on 5/13-14/ 2019 to send pictures & pricing & when it will be removed from truck.
interested in the FM145 to rebuild. What's the chances you can crate it up and have it shipped to Kansas? I'd be glad to pay for the shipping.
Shoot sorry. I junked it a few months ago. I need to update that thread!
Oh well, my loss. I should have been paying closer attention.
Hi rangerstationers, I'm looking forward to reading your posts; ideas, suggestions etc. My rig is a 1985 bronco ii w/original stock engine. My problem is, after warming up and driving for 5-10 min. It starts to lose power, I keep revving or shut it off in a safe space. It will fire right up then begin to run better / rev normally and drive just fine, any suggestions? Thanks
I've found that I've got gears but they're hard to shift into and my back wheel is locked up on the driver side.
Okay so Ive had this 1988 gen1 bronco 2 for 4 years since highschool bought it in 15 had been sitting for since 07 by the state inspection sticker. After having to rebuild the engine I put a stage two clutch kit on it had gotten timing correct and found I had no gears. Now this things been sitting up on jack stands for all four of those years. And the jack stands aren't the same size, now after the 5th pull and insta
Got a 1994 ford ranger stereo wiring harness adapter on the flat plug is there but the style 2464 is cut off what's them wires go to speakers I'm guessing and amp but don't know the colors
I have a 88 ranger the 4 wires off the oxygen sensor all melted and was re wired by previous owner wire color doesn’t match where does the 4 wires go so I can re wire
I have a 94 B2300 (Calif) , planning to change timing belt. Want to know where the timing mark for Aux sprocket. Some guys told me it doesn't matter. Please advise.