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SeedyRom 05-12-2009 12:18 AM

Compatible engine years for 1998 3.0
I bought a 98 Ranger XLT 2x4 shortbed with a bad 3.0 V-6. The engine spun the bearings after the head gasket blew. Owner said the wife drove it 14 miles back home. I guess the white smoke wasn't noticed :icon_confused:
I paid $500 for the truck, it will need a new tailgate and rear bumper due to wife too or the man is passing the buck.

I know the 98 thru 2001 engines are the same, Ford changed the body in 2002 I think. Why engines are compatible with no mods needed besides the 98 thru 2001 engines?? The owner said the 96 and 97 engines are the same as the 1998 and perhaps the 2002 plus are the same engines. Will any other years bolt up??

I searched before posting so I know the Taurus engine will work by flipping the throttle body, using the ECU and harness. That's an$ attractive swap but I need to get back on the road by Friday week.
Thanks. :D


Southern3.0 05-12-2009 12:46 AM

Any RWD 3.0 Long block will swap in, there are some differences in intake setups and accessory brackets through the years, but your intake, wiring/electronics and brackets will bolt right up to any RWD 3.0 block. Also some of the 3.0's are flex fuel and the Chambers in the heads are slightly smaller but will work just fine if you have a regular gas engine.

You could use a FWD 3.0 out of a Taurus, but the head gaskets need to be changed over to RWD style gaskets. This is because the lower intake is different, and that changes the coolant flow through the engine. If you use your truck intake and use your truck wiring harness there would be no need to use a Taurus ECU. Oh and the Oil pan and pump pick up are different on a Taurus engine, but the Ranger parts will bolt right in place.

SeedyRom 05-12-2009 02:48 AM

So the are the Taurus electrical connectors and ECU the same as the ranger? I may have to rethink the Taurus 3.0 and ride the Dyna Wide Glide to work till finished. I need to think it over because I see a couple of engines for $500 on

dorman68 05-14-2009 06:21 AM

Here is interchange info from a salvage index.

MAZDA B-3000 1998 6-183 (3.0L, VIN U) - exact match
RANGER 1998 6-183 (3.0L, VIN U) - exact match
RANGER 1999 6-183 (3.0L), VIN U, thru 7/26/99 - exact match

MAZDA B-3000 2000 (6-183, 3.0L, VIN V) - will fit; except the difference is intake & exhaust manifolds, need to use your current ones.

RANGER 2000 6-183 (3.0L), VIN V (flex fuel) - fit except intake and exh less manifolds, difference is "Flex Fuel"
RANGER 1999 6-183 (3.0L), VIN V (flex fuel), from 7/27/99 - fit expecpt less manifolds, difference is "Flex Fuel"

***Electrical & induction systems vary, compare and switch as necessary.
Available with two different head bolt sizes (10 & 11mm) & valve stem diameters (8 & 7mm)
Uses upper intake manifold ident. #97TF-AA
NON flex fuel engine.
Throttle valve not part of upper intake manifold.

Earl43P 05-14-2009 07:11 AM may help.

Southern3.0 05-15-2009 02:07 AM

Oh wow, I had no clue there where that many changes to the 3.0 over the years, I knew about the roller cam change and flex fuel heads, but that's it.

simplmn80 12-10-2014 08:16 AM

what about a 93 engine with obd1?... could i still use a 98 3.0 or a 2000 3.o? I have the same problem with a head gasket, motor is shot... thx!!!

bucko 12-11-2014 07:29 AM

Going from an OBDI to OBDII in the case of an original 93 3.0 to a 98 ro 2000 3.0 is not going to be worth the headache of getting the harness for the ECU, the ECU itself, and the different sensors used in the OBDII setup to convert your 93 over to.

Yngbld14 09-25-2015 07:33 AM

obd2 motor converted to obd1
I know this is an older thread, but how about going the other way? Can an obd2 engine be substituted for an obd1 engine. I have a 93 ranger with a 3.0 and would mind putting a newer engine in mine. I know you should be able to take the cam sensor out and put in a distributor, but what about the rest?

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