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tonyzz 09-26-2018 05:55 PM

93 ranger was leaking low on fluid added fluid not leaking?
Hello I have a 93 ranger XLT v6 4.0 manual m50d r-1. I noticed it was leaking the other day, also driving I could hear the gear click when I shifted. Got home poured half a quart of fluid into the shifter from the top as the truck was hot. Truck is shifting better no more clicking when I shifted but I noticed it is not leaking anymore put a white towel under the truck when I got home. Towel was clean no drips. I looked at the 3 rubber vents on the side and wondered if fluid when low was leaking from there, the area is greasy. I will have time to investigate more this weekend. Any thoughts or ideas would help. It was leaking from the rear gasket not seal.

Thanks for your help

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Shran 09-28-2018 10:28 AM

There are two plugs on the drivers side of the trans: a fill plug up high, and a drain plug near the bottom. The correct fluid level is right at the bottom of the fill plug - IE, you fill it till it starts to dribble out. Filling through the shifter hole will give you zero indication of how much fluid is in it, or if it's even actually low.

The rear gasket is not actually a seal, it essentially is just a buffer for metal/metal contact between the trans and t-case. There's actually a drain channel machined into the transmission tailhousing and that area is supposed to be totally dry - if you have fluid leaking out, it's either coming from a bad seal on the trans output shaft, t-case input, or an external leak on the trans, probably from the rubber shift rail plugs or the top cover.

These transmissions are notorious for the shift rail plugs leaking... you can get steel freeze plugs to replace the rubber ones and that fixes the issue.

tonyzz 09-29-2018 08:15 PM

Thank you. I am going to check the fluid tomorrow and bring it to the correct level. Going in the shifter hole was a quick temp fix to get me to the weekend. It did appear to be where the metal to metal connected. I will look tomorrow, I need to change the oil also to see if I can find where the fluid was coming from. The 3 rubber plug area was greasy and look like a fresh fluid was there. So hopefully that is where it was coming from as that is the easiest fix.


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