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Fane 12-03-2017 12:15 AM

1996 4.0 Exhaust Questions
Hello all,

I was looking into getting a cat back exhaust kit for my truck. It's the 96, 4.0, super-cab (has the two fold down back seats) 4WD. Are there any you guys would recommend? Or at least brands/websites to look at? Also, is it just unbolt from cat, and whatever other mounts, and bolt new ones on? Or is it more involved than that with welds etc? And finally, what size is the stock exhaust pipe? 2"? Any help is appreciated.

Edit: I was looking at the Dynomax 17318 Exhaust System specifically. It seems like it should fit my car.

Andrew.V 12-04-2017 10:49 PM

Hi the dynomax kit would bolt to the back of your existing cat just undo the old piping at the two bolt flange and attach the kit looks like it hooks to factory hanger as well, wd-40 the rubber hanger it helps alot. If memory servers me right your factory piping is 2 inch if your looking to change the sound of your truck I'd suggest just changing your muffler, did that with my 2000 ranger when I had it. Thrush welded sounded good IMO was like 100 all said and done with all adapters muffler and welding of small piece of pipe to extend tail pipe hope that helped

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