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91stranger 02-23-2018 01:10 PM

big debate at work about CCW or open carry
So Ohio is an open carry state and allows guns in vehicles to an extent. Everyone at my job is going out and getting their CCW's when they have rarely shot a gun in their life. So I go and say, you don't need a CCW to have a gun with you. Which that brought a bunch of back lash. So I want to get some opinions on which is better. To have a CCW and actually carry the gun on you or to just follow the Open Carry laws. Does anyone really think they would be in a situation that involves shooting someone at that very second? I just want to get some input about this. Anyone with a CCW ran into issues? like at a traffic stop or airport or traveling out of state?

85_Ranger4x4 02-23-2018 01:49 PM

In Iowa unless you have a ccw your gun has to broke down into at least three or more parts or cased and unloaded while in your car. Most guys get ccw I think so they can keep their slug guns loaded during deer season as they drive around in case they jump the thurdy pointer.

Jim Oaks 02-23-2018 02:06 PM

I'm a retired Ohio State Trooper. If you want to carry a firearm, get a conceal carry permit. I have one even though I'm not required to as a retired LEO.

Yes, you can open carry in Ohio, but you can't drive around with it loaded. A handgun is for protecting yourself, or someone else. It's not a deterrent. It just gives the criminal a heads up that they have to disarm you, or shoot you first. I don't like to advertise that I have a gun. If I was in a store and it was getting robbed, I'd just stand back and be the best witness I can be, unless someone started shooting. Then I'm shooting back. But sometimes it's better to be a really good witness, than a gun fighter.

Also, when you're carrying a gun, that means there's always a gun at the fight. It belongs to whoever has control over it. Don't assume it's always going to be you.


2923.16 Improperly handling firearms in a motor vehicle.
(A) No person shall knowingly discharge a firearm while in or on a motor vehicle.

(B) No person shall knowingly transport or have a loaded firearm in a motor vehicle in such a manner that the firearm is accessible to the operator or any passenger without leaving the vehicle.

(C) No person shall knowingly transport or have a firearm in a motor vehicle, unless the person may lawfully possess that firearm under applicable law of this state or the United States, the firearm is unloaded, and the firearm is carried in one of the following ways:

(1) In a closed package, box, or case;

(2) In a compartment that can be reached only by leaving the vehicle;

(3) In plain sight and secured in a rack or holder made for the purpose;

(4) If the firearm is at least twenty-four inches in overall length as measured from the muzzle to the part of the stock furthest from the muzzle and if the barrel is at least eighteen inches in length, either in plain sight with the action open or the weapon stripped, or, if the firearm is of a type on which the action will not stay open or which cannot easily be stripped, in plain sight.

A violation of this section is a felony of the fourth degree.

adsm08 02-23-2018 03:58 PM

Jim is right. The late Bob Owens, a very respected gun blogger, sometimes referred to open carry and "stupid carry" because that's what it is. You are advertising that you have a gun and now the bad guy knows it too.

You can find many stories about CCW permit holders stopping bad things. You can find just as many stories about open-carriers in open or constitutional carry states who have had their guns stolen at knife-point or by an unarmed group of bad guys, who didn't have a gun before, but they do now. I am unaware of any incidents of a concealed carrier having their gun stolen from an other-than-dead body. Not saying it hasn't happened, just that the stories about it are much harder to find.

On a side-note, has anyone heard about all these people who are up in arms (haha) because you don't need a CCW permit to concealed carry a long gun in Florida?

racsan 02-23-2018 04:04 PM

all i ever remember was that the gun had to be in pain sight in the vehicle and couldnt be loaded. i used to target shoot some, just a simple .22 long rifle with a scope, always had the gun visable but not advertised, clip/ammo in glove box. that was over 20 years ago though. things may have changed. only issue i ever had was one time i was stopped for speeding in a small town and in the process of getting my registration out of the glove box, a shotgun shell was seen by the cop that pulled me over, it was actually in the car when i bought it and i had never took it out, i dont even remember what size shell it was, i was asked where the gun was that went with the shell , of course i had no idea. really felt they made way too big of a deal out of it, like you can conceal a shotgun? lol. thats pretty hard to hide. ive never even fired one. ive got enough money tied up in my vehicle hobby, i can only imagine how much i could get involved with regarding firearms...but all this talk about gun laws does make me want to get one while i still can.

ericbphoto 02-23-2018 05:23 PM

Jim, Thanks for the insight and information.

Until now, I thought passing open carry laws might be a good thing. I keep saying that I'm going to get my CCW. But haven't done it yet. I only recently bought a gun that I thought might be worth keeping at my bedside through the night. Due to recent crimes in our area (and we're out in the country) her anxiety levels have increased. I didn't think a .22cal handgun was such a great defense weapon. So now there's a 9mm in the house. I put it in the bedside holster when I go to bed and lock it back in the case before I go to work in the morning. I started chambering a round when I got it out at night. But got tired of ejecting that same round every morning and putting it back in the mag. Only takes a second to pull the slide and that sound might make an intruder think twice.

My big wish is that all the states would get on the same page allowing CCW and honoring each others permits.

adsm08 02-23-2018 05:39 PM


Originally Posted by ericbphoto (Post 1616280)
My big wish is that all the states would get on the same page allowing CCW and honoring each others permits.

Oh yes this please!

The big argument against it is that someone could use it to try and circumvent a state with extremely strict CCW issue standards like NY or DC by getting a permit in a shall-issue state. That should be something easy to deal with though. You just say that every state must honor every other states CCW permits, but the permit has to be issued by the home state, and has to transfer with residency (so if I live in PA and have mine and then move to NY they have to give me one). Treat it just like a driver's license.

rusty ol ranger 02-23-2018 06:09 PM

I see both points of it. But, ive always kinda favored open carry. I dont have a CCW, but, ive always felt like open carry is a good deterrent.

Most of the seedy areas im in are rest stops late at night when i got a late load goin somewhere (i haul milk), and you cant have a firearm in a CMV anyways. So i guess i just gotta rely on my nunchuk skills.

But maybe im over confident in my own safety. I dont know. My house is protected by an old 10 gauge pump though.

85_Ranger4x4 02-23-2018 06:52 PM

Open carry puts a bulky bullseye on you. If anything goes down you are probably going to be first.

I only open carry during deer season. I have thought about getting a CCW so I don’t have to pick all the caps off at noon and evenings or worry about forgetting to do so and getting caught.

Regular concealed carry has been appealing too but living in Mayberry I am not sure it is worth it.

rusty ol ranger 02-24-2018 12:01 AM


Originally Posted by 85_Ranger4x4 (Post 1616291)
Open carry puts a bulky bullseye on you. If anything goes down you are probably going to be first.

I understand that logic, but i always thought that if a dude seen another dude with a gun then he would back off and atleast think twice, kind of how a robber would rather target a 85 yr old woman then a 25 yr old bodybuilder

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