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Dashboard is apart and documentation is taken. FAQ on that will be up later

UPDATED: 09/08/2010


The filter on my '97 is actually BLUE (kind of a dark Indigo as best I can describe it). while it's not a bad blue, it won't be green. The green comes from the yellowish tinge of the incandescent bulbs. So you might be better off getting an AMBER bulb to retain the green. But this won't be an exact shade. Ideally you'd use a "Warm White" or 4500/3500K color temperature.

There is also ways to scrape off the back filter in some cases allowing the true color of the LED's to shine through. But that is another write-up.

**1997 Ranger - stock colors**

The LED's you need to order are as follows. All colors are for a stock configuration for a 1997 ('95-current dashboards), and will probably look janky unless you also change the faceplates. The color filter (Blueish) is part of the gauge faces.

*Update 9/8/10: no longer offers "Warm White" in the "WLED-X" style. You'll have to step up to the "WLED-X5" style if your shooting for the stock "green". The dimmer switch WILL work with the LED's.

Picture no longer is available - use this link CLICK HERE
"WLED-X" - These are the ones I used and they are plenty bright IMO, though nothing is technically stopping you from going brighter. The dimmer switch WILL work with the LED's.

The 194 replacement series: 120 viewing angle

$0.79 Red, Amber (White, Blue, Green, UV-Blacklight + $0.60)

You'll need 6 total.


Picture is no longer available - use this link CLICK HERE
"#74 LED bulbs" - These are what things like the seatbelt icon and turn signals use. Order ONLY the "74-x LED Bulb". NOT "74-xHP SMD LED Bulb" OR "74-xHP3 SMD LED Bulb" It's my opinion they will actually be TOO bright. Remember, they really don't have to light up a whole lot.

$1.19 apiece - all colors

For the stock Ranger cluster you need to order these:

2 turn signals, speed control

4WD, 4WD Low, O/D off, Airbag, ABS, Check engine, Fuel reset

RED = 5
Brake, Seatbelt, Door ajar, check gage, Battery
***WARNING: Brake, Battery, and Seatbelt will stay dimly lit.*** It can kinda get annoying. I really do suggest replacing these with standard bulbs.

BLUE = 1
HI-beam symbol

If you have an antitheft system factory installed the "THEFT" light should already be an LED, it should be fine, and I hope it is, because I can't fine a replacement for it besides a Ford Dealership. Not like its ultra important anyway. - this has to be red, the filter on the gage faces is actually clear.

And I think that about covers it. Hopefully this help you all out, because I thought they were all 194 series. Faq will be up shortly, it's actually not that bad, I thought it was going to be much worse.

I have an '84 back home which I have to take apart yet again because it now doesn't light up at all... I can get pictured and documentation of that one too. It's kind of bastardized, but all the spots are still there. I do not have access to a Gen 2 dashboard.


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