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I've had 2, one on each side. The first was treated in San Diego, first class care by the Doc who worked on the Chargers players. Excellent results! The second was by mouth breathing retards here in Montana, all hail affirmative action!

The first injury right rotator cuff was torn in two, it looked like fibreglas. Had an MRI then surgery. The rehab started the same day as my operation. Before I got home "they" had delivered a motion machine with cooling contraptions. I rehabbed at home for about a week then started physical therapy. I continued the home movements the entire time. The therapist store had two old Chinese lady's who could work the knots out of a freight train collision. Total rehab was about 3 months, give or take. Injury in 1998.

The second one, left shoulder, had a complete separation of the center ligament, and due to sloppy accounting, my surgery didn't happen for 4 months. The golden window on tears is 90 days. When they opened me up the center ligament had so atrophied they couldn't repair it. The therapy was about 2 months and it hasn't quit hurting, injury in 2007.

Moral of story, go to the best docs, get it done fast, do the therapy and take only advil for pain, those opioids are dangerous!

Good luck!
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