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Default Compatible engine years for 1998 3.0

I bought a 98 Ranger XLT 2x4 shortbed with a bad 3.0 V-6. The engine spun the bearings after the head gasket blew. Owner said the wife drove it 14 miles back home. I guess the white smoke wasn't noticed
I paid $500 for the truck, it will need a new tailgate and rear bumper due to wife too or the man is passing the buck.

I know the 98 thru 2001 engines are the same, Ford changed the body in 2002 I think. Why engines are compatible with no mods needed besides the 98 thru 2001 engines?? The owner said the 96 and 97 engines are the same as the 1998 and perhaps the 2002 plus are the same engines. Will any other years bolt up??

I searched before posting so I know the Taurus engine will work by flipping the throttle body, using the ECU and harness. That's an$ attractive swap but I need to get back on the road by Friday week.

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