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Any RWD 3.0 Long block will swap in, there are some differences in intake setups and accessory brackets through the years, but your intake, wiring/electronics and brackets will bolt right up to any RWD 3.0 block. Also some of the 3.0's are flex fuel and the Chambers in the heads are slightly smaller but will work just fine if you have a regular gas engine.

You could use a FWD 3.0 out of a Taurus, but the head gaskets need to be changed over to RWD style gaskets. This is because the lower intake is different, and that changes the coolant flow through the engine. If you use your truck intake and use your truck wiring harness there would be no need to use a Taurus ECU. Oh and the Oil pan and pump pick up are different on a Taurus engine, but the Ranger parts will bolt right in place.
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