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Originally Posted by Dav View Post
the wiring harness section from the cab to the tail light harness, the long piece that runs alongside the frame is the same PN for all long bed trucks. extended cabs are different, as are short beds
had to ask at ford this week as po cut n spliced for trailer lights on my 88.
Sorry for the necro-post but I just saw this. Dav (or anyone else who knows) - any idea what the year range for the Cab-to-tail light harness (piece that runs down the frame rail) interchange is?

Got a 90 Ranger supercab with screwy cross-pollenation between brake lights, flashers, and rear turn lights. Checked/changed out rear lights, rear harness, multiswitch - not helping. Part of frame harness that sticks out to connect to the rear tailight harness (runs across back) was a mess that suggested part of an old rear harness had been grafted on (branch circuits and all -cut that part out but still having problems.

Figure the problem is somewhere in the part that runs back along the frame, but this seems hard to get at without removing the box - haven't done that yet so stalled at this stage.
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