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Originally Posted by Denola2 View Post
Hey guys---I'm new to this forum and I've got a project I'm working on, and need some help. I bought a good 95' 4x4 Ranger body and I'm putting the engine and driveline from a 1963 F100 in it (223 CID 6--3 spd trans). The 95' has an electronic speedometer. I was wondering if you guys with a lot of Ranger knowledge would know if and earlier model (93-94) cluster will fit my dash. The PCM will be completely done away with, and I'll need the fuel, temp, voltmeter and mechanical speedometer----any advice or suggestion? Thanks, Dennis
It would be very helpful if you started a new thread, with a descriptive title, for your project. We can certainly provide help and advice, but it's best not to clutter up an existing, informational, and only loosely-related thread with discussion of your specific project.

Once you get that new thread started, I'll reply there with some questions and suggestions.
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