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Default I dun it! 58mm throttle body on 2nd Gen. Ranger

I found a 58mm throttle body at the local wrecking yard and got it for a very small fee. Anywho, I threw it on the truck along with the TPS that was on it. Needless to say, I ended up putting my TPS back on.

As far as performance differences, it feels a little more luggy at full throttle till it winds up, snappier at light throttle low RPM times (taking off from stop signs and such), and throttle response is a night and day difference for the better.

I haven't had it on long enough to give any kind of mileage claims, but will add them later after I figure it out.

Lots of write-ups have been done on this before, but I figured I'd give my own.

Any questions? Ask away!
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