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Unless you're made of money and are willing to drop a couple thousand on a code're SOL for reading AirBag and ABS codes yourself. Only the dealers and those who spring for the major computer code scanners have access to those codes. All the manufacturers are like this, as the liability of giving the end consumer the ability to mess with these systems is too much.

When you start your truck, you'll see the air bag light on the cluster flash. It'll be a sequence. two flashes, pause, 4 flashes. This means a code 24...or something like this. Then just google for Airbag codes and see what comes up.

By unlpugging random airbag connectors, people have set off their airbags by accident in the past. Be careful with these things, they are classified as an explosive and can kill or seriously hurt you if they went off by accident and you're in the path of them.
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