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Originally Posted by 85_Ranger4x4 View Post
When I went the other way:

1. I was going to keep my '85 Ranger.
2. As it sat a brand new Ranger couldn't really do any more than my old one.
3. They got about the same milage as a fullsize if not a little worse in the Ranger (compared to my college roomates '00)
4. Why have two trucks that are basically the same thing?

So I got my 2002 5.4 4x4 F-150, three years old with 25k miles for a hair less than they wanted for a brand new '05 Ranger. It flirted with 20mpg on the stock tires, had oodles of room and I no longer had to borrow a truck when I wanted to haul my tractor.

I have tweaked with the Ranger enough it feels a lot spunkier than the F-150, proper gearing (3.31 gears + 32" MT's = dog) and moving a ton less of steel and plastic helps a lot. On paper it gives up 110hp and 65 lb-ft so I know it doesn't have as much or more power.

I love both trucks, the Ranger as a toy and the '150 as everything else.
I didn't mean the Ranger literally had more power. Just that particular engine tranny combo and the smaller stature of the Ranger gives the illusion of more power in better acceleration than what my F150 had with the 5.4. Really I don't believe the 5.4 was a very good engine. Especially the early ones. Cam phasers and spark plug issues and I know of a lot that just up and blew with very few miles on them. And really the F150s with those motors were underpowered can't imagine what the 4.6s are like.
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