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Originally Posted by Ranger Kip View Post
We are far from rich dude =P We own a used 05' F150 4x4, 84' Ranger XLT 4x4, 2001 Suzuki Swift (aka the "Go-Kart"), a 2003 Ford Taurus, and a 97' Infinti Q45.

We are gettin dad's Porshe (Bradley Kitcar he built as a teen with his dad), from grandpa here in the next few years too.

We got the F150 (our regular "trade in once warranty is up" DD).
The Infiniti is not road legal, (needs an O2 sensor replaced), and needs other work that keep it safe though (struts need replaced and some electrical work is needed).
The Swift is dad's DD, its a extremely small 4-banger with a 5-speed standard, and 4 seats, my head hits the cieling in back.
The Ranger sits and I work on it from time to time.
And the Taurus (AKA the Tortoise), is in my sister's hands and I feel sorry for it, she is not a safe driver at all.
1988 bronco II build

Originally Posted by Andres629 View Post
the roads to your mall can't be so bad that you need a locker, are they?!
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