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Unhappy overheating this winter

Okay so I've had my newer 1994 ranger 4.0 since august and it has been very sound thus far. Recently my heater core sending hose went out and I thought nothing of it because the hoses are all original and the truck has over 160,000 on it.

About a week later driving on the highway the I noticed the temp. was higher than normal but nowhere near overheating. After I got off the highway the truck became very hot and I had to resort to turning the heater on full blast to keep it out of the red. Needless to say the first thing I did the next day was replace the thermostat, which in fact had failed and would not open fully.

The truck was running fine and no temp. issues until today, two days since the thermostat install, driving home from work, short trip, the temp. spiked again. I figured it was just passing a bubble, burping, but after letting it cool fully and running it to normal temp. with the cap off, I didn't get more than three miles down I-25 before I had the damn thing pushing red again, and this time the heater only blew ice cold.

I limped it back home and I think it's one one of two main components: the heater core and/or my water pump. Any suggestions or easy things to look for before I go crazy or the thing explodes on me!

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