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I'll Add descriptions later, but essentially, I had to move the Skyjacker brackets 1.5" forward to allow the wheels to be centered in the wheel wells. This was necessary because at full lock turn the tires were chewing up the lower fender wells just in front of the doors. Since the beams are 3" wider on either side, they were pulled back ever so slightly due to the arc created... While the radius arms did not change length, the position of the beams did....

When the brackets are moved forward, an extension on the transmission crossmember had to be added. Simply a 1.5" move just like the radius arm brackets.

These are FULL length D44 beams, no cut or rotate performed. WMS to WMS is 63". The factory D44 in a 1/2 ton is 65" WMS to WMS. This is because the beam mounts are 2" wider on the Ranger than on the F150's.

The tie rod ends and drag links are '90 F150. An inch needed to be cut off the right side tie rod end and adjoining drag link. The adjuster sleeve needed an inch cut off either side. There is still plenty of room for the clamps to tighten and ample thread engagement. The left side is unmodified.

The knuckles were reamed from the top to accept the tie rod ends. The reamer is a XKUT 1-1/2" TPF BALL JOINT & TIE ROD TAPER REAMER #6952. Easily found on EBay. Be careful to not over ream or the TRE's will not tighten up... Slow and easy with several trial fits.

I used a 6" drop pitman arm for the steering. I think it was a FA600 from Skyjacker. As you can see in the last photo, the steering linkage is nearly parallel. With the D44 beams, you want the axle beam eye bolts to be 1" higher that the spindle centerline. This sets the proper ride height and make alignment much easier. The alignment bushings are MOOG part #'s K80108.

If your smart, you wont lose the F150 sway bar link mounts like I did. I had to cut down the factory D35 mounts.

It is necessary to add a 1/8" shim betweel the radius arm to beam mounts. The D44 beans are 1/8" thinner where the radius arms mount. I used a set of washers that came from the D35 beams. The bolts (both upper and lower) come with these. If you grabbed them from your D44 TTB donor you are in luck.

I do not have a center dropout because it is in the process of being setup. It is a center chunk from a 3/4 ton D50 TTB. The D50 has a 9" ring gear. I am having 5.13's installed on an Auburn Gear ECTED electric locker.

I still have to mock install the drop out to measure for the passenger side inner axleshaft. This is because the beams mounts are 2" wider that the F150's beam mounting points. This narrows the track by 2" and requires shortening the axleshaft by the same 2" on the passenger side. The driver side remains unchanged. Stubshafts, spindles and brakes are all '90 F150.
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