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Not to tell you how to build your project, but as a NA engine, the 300 six.. well.. it don't make alot of power, just low end torque.

The stock cylinder head needs a LOAD of work and machining to just make it adequate for the 300 cubes that it is, let alone larger still.

But otherwise to throw some things your way about the 300:

LOTS of porting
bigger valves, but not tooo big
make sure they're unshrowded ^
a really good camshaft, 260-270 durationish which should keep the RPM's low enough for streetability. (were still talking never more than 5000 rpm's here)
Bigger injectors and throttle body (or carb)
cast iron cranks really don't care to be welded on unless by a super qualified professional.
DUI ignition or some other kind of super high energy system
I'd keep the CR down to 9.5 or so.
I don't know if the block can take a much larger piston to make it worth it, even if sleeved.

Until the Classic inlines aluminum head is released, I really feel that's about what you're gonna find in terms of power additions. Except for spray or forced induction.

Now, I have heard that 351C heads can be cut apart and furnace brazed back together and stuck on a 300 block, some drag racing Maverick had those on it. And supposedly GM LS1 and LS7 heads have the same bolt pattern as the 300 six (completely unverified) and can also be cut up and furnace brazed back together. But your left with custom intake and exhaust. Food for thought.

Pretty much no one except for Clifford Performance and Classic Inlines makes anything for the 300 six. Other than that your on your own in the quest for more power.
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