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I might be open to doing 13:1 compression with ethanol and water injection. I'm just trying to stay non-turbo and six cylinders.

I don't really care about HP so long as it's enough to keep up with traffic. I want a torque peak of 500 ft-lbs at or below 3000 RPM though.

I did some research and found a company that will make a custom crankshaft with a 4.75" stroke for any application it will fit in.

I figured if I had the custom 4.75" stroke crank made along with a 0.100" overbore (sleeves?) and 1" deck spacer (to keep the stroke/rod ratio high enough) it would net me 376 cubes, which I think would do it with high enough compression, and right carb and cam.

As for the head, I'm no stranger to porting. I opened up the exhaust ports in my 2.3 from 1.25" diameter to 1.75" diameter. I had it bench flowed and it did 65% over stock on both intake and exhaust. I'd be willing to do this to a 300 head. The other thing is that this project is still a few years off so maybe the classic inline's head will be out by then. I'd want to know it will make good low end torque before I went that route.
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