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Default oil pressure issue

started my truck this morning, weather was about 30-35 degrees but no frost on ground. oil pressure was low, like barely raises when starting the truck. truck started, idled, drove just fine. about 5 minutes of driving down the road it jumped up to normal and stayed normal. now I've seen a lot of issues with these sensors on these. Could it be something simple like a bad sensor? is there a way to test this without replacing a bunch of parts? I am a decent mechanic and can take on most issues but this is the only vehicle I have to drive and I work full time. so I cant be without my truck. Anyone know where this is located? I replaced a knock sensor on my 1991 ranger a long time ago. not sure if this would be in a similar area. my truck is a 1999 3.0 2wd, auto trans. Thanks for the help.
1999 ford ranger 4 door, 2wd, tow package, 3.0 auto trans. sweet ladder rack.
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