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It depends which ranger 5-speed you're talking about. The early five speeds (88 down) weren't that great. The 1989+ M5OD will handle any reasonable 2.3 turbo so long as you upgrade the clutch and don't go around side-stepping the clutch pedal with the engine at 5 grand. I've been running the M5OD my ranger came with on my 2.3 turbo for a while now. It had lots of miles on it when I swapped the new motor in along with a centerforce dual friction clutch and a resurfaced flywheel. It's been great for me. It holds 17 PSI (probably close to 300 ft-lbs) without and sign of clutch slippage. The tranny itself is showing no signs of wearing out faster from the extra power after 15000 miles behind the turbo engine.

Unless you're building a 300+ HP motor I'd say just stick with the M5OD if that's what your truck has. The T-5 from a turbocoupe really isn't any huge upgrade in strength except that you've got more clutch options and the input shaft is supposedly stronger so it can withstand high rpm/boost clutch popping better than a M5OD. If you need a tranny stronger than an M5OD, start looking for the 2.3 C4 bellhousing from a pinto and get a C4 built. Or you could get the small block trans adaptor from and run any ford auto of your choice, such as an AOD, 4R70W, E4OD, etc. By the time you're making that much power you'll want an auto anyways, because the engine will be powering through the gears faster than you can shift.
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