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Originally Posted by 85_Ranger4x4 View Post
Looks really nice.

It is amazing the effort they put into the four cylinder exhaust manifolds. In the same time frame V8's had manifolds that looked like a log with four branches in a row.
Thank you! Even with the transmission, starter, and catalytic converter out, it was still a little tricky to get out thanks to the EGR tube. That manifold is solid for sure.

Originally Posted by XLTsplash View Post
Looks great !
Thank you! I appreciate the feedback.

Originally Posted by majorburns View Post
just got done binge reading this entire resto and im hooked.. fantastic looking truck man
Thank you! Still a ton of work ahead...will try my best to keep it informative and interesting.


More parts ready to go back in:

Transmission was actually in very good shape so no need for the original thought of a remanufacture. Here's the bearings, synchros, and shift forks that came out.

Cost: $750 (Parts = $190; Labor = $560)

Also, tracked down an EGR Tube insulation sleeve.

Cost: $7.50

And a NOS oil pump and pickup tube.

Cost = $51.50 (Oil Pump = $40; Pickup Tube = $11.50)

Still cleaning up, restoring, and sourcing parts in hopes this damn polar vortex lets up in the near future. It's rarely been above 0F since before Christmas.
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