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Default 4d55 (diesel) swap to m50d trans (2001 ranger mazda trans)/ other small diesel q's?

I have a 4d55 from an old rusted out (85-87?) diesel ranger sitting in my garage and I found a deal on a 2001 ranger 4x4 that I just couldn't pass up on. W/ blown engine...

First off, this will be an economy swap, both in fuel economy and more importantly in how much I put into it. So as much as I like the idea I don't need any suggestions of putting in a 3.9 cummins or any of the larger gas engines either.

I want to stick with diesel, despite what a lot of y'all probably think. (Crazy). I just prefer to have all my rigs running on a single fuel source (diesel fuel), there will be no talking me out of it.

The ranger has the Mazda M50D-R1HD 5 spd trans, I don't believe I am lucky enough that this will bolt right up but how about the whole entire drivetrain (4d55 and diesel trans) and motor mounts bolting to the 2001 ?! Any help makig something like this work?

I've been searching and not really coming up with anything about compatibility or any documented swaps into newer rangers. I do have the diesel specific bellhousing and diesel 4x4 trans if necessary, not sure about condition of trans though.

ANY help? Any "writeups" or links that I've missed?

Adapter plate source/s? if I were to use the mazda trans?

Again, not concerned with making power AT ALL, won't be looking to turn up fuel or big turbo or anything like that.

Other small/efficient DIESEL engines I should consider? (only really interested if someone already has an adapter plate or a blueprint for one available for sale)..Or if anyone can recommend a shop that has experience making adapter plates AFFORDABLY?

Really would prefer a setup USING THIS Mazda m50d TRANS, same axles, same driveshaft, similar engine weight although I am not totally opposed to some setup in which I have to beef up front suspension.
How about...
-Mercedes 5 cyl ...are very common...?
-TDI (I actually have one of them, the mechanical version 1.9TD)?
-Any others I should be looking into?
-Also not opposed to the earlier ranger diesel mazda/perkins is that would be easier for some reason

Oh yeah- NO emissions testing required where I live, fortunately

Thanks so much!

Last edited by lg; 03-19-2012 at 01:44 PM. Reason: Oh yeah- NO emissions testing required where I live, fortunatley
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86 slo-vo
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Sigh.... If you find another 4d55 let me know. Been looking for one for years.
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I have thought of the same idea. I have two 4D55T engines. one is in a 87 4x4 ranger and the other is in a 84 Mitsubishi 2wd truck both 5 speeds. I want to find a 2001 or 2002 ext cab ranger 2wd to put one in. I dont think it will be that difficult. I would try using the engine mounts from the diesel engine and set the engine at the same angle it was when in the other ranger. As for the trans you might have to move or make the crossmember that it mounts to. As for the driveshaft just use the yoke off of the diesel and have one made.
Does anybody have any other ideas.
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Your posts do not help the original poster (and neither does this one, actually).

One of the moderators needs to move this into "Other Conversion Threads" section, where it will see more reputable and knowledgeable personnel.

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i would have to guess this thread is dead but ill put in my 2 cents your m5od will not bolt to the 4d55... nor can you change to the diesel bellhousing sad i know. but if you have the 4d55 and tranny/ transfer case it should basically drop in. you may need custom motor mounts depending on what motor was in the 2001. the wiring is extremely simple as those motors have little wiring, especially becaouse you have a complete donor. as for drive shafts... im not sure on the exact length you may need custom ones again depending on the axles in the 01 and if its a crew cab, long bed, ect. ect. i would highly recomend an inner cooler for the 4d55. keeping these things cool is the key to performance. also the timing belt has a bad habbit of exploding and taking out many parts of the heads and block with it so change that, and check the pump over very well the have a history to leak and its terribly hard to find parts for these little guys. good luck with the swap! i want pictures and any info you have on it because im doing this in my 94 here shortly.
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