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Old 02-05-2012, 07:09 AM   #151
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well id like to think it would only last two weeks.but.... it might not! im a bug out ,not in kinda guy! my crawler and weaponry will make a path! food- hunting might not be an option depending on the nature of the disaster. or atleast in the main focal zones of storm or fallout etc... find a few good friends that are tough with good morals, scenario training is a must and without that a plan can not be made. winter clothes for the southerers might be needed, tempetures can change when the shtf! less populated areas will be where im headed, and that might mean the areas that are heavily populated at the moment. what i mean by that is they aint gonna drop a nuke in nebraska, cuz there isnt much to hit. coastal areas are preatty much deathtraps! and will be empty first for scavenging of the local preppers property that is now nothing more than a shadow on a cement wall.im not a theif! but if its life or death,well sorry about your things. cuz im born for this stuff! hell ive survived in places that would put tears in a grown mans eyes.
back to the friends- make shure they can defend themselves and have something to contribute other than a trigger finger.
also as mentioned above, having children in these dark times might be tough but escential for the human race to survive depending again on the disaster. shit we could very possibly end up in a civil war ! that would mean as a civilian having to fight our military! dont get me wrong,i hope it never comes to that more than anything. but that should open your eyes to the " i have a .22 and a friggin bow" kind of mentality. be prepaired to defend yourself for atleast six months every day, multiple times a day, and hopfully by that time things are becoming normal with maybe one or two strays standing on your new doorstep. god bless! i hope everything ive stockpiled is a waste of time and money.
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Nate W.
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Default My survival preps.

I really like the idea of being prepped incase something happens sometime. Although I'm not as prepared as I would like to be, I think I'm a bit above what the average person would be.

I have a small B.O.B in my room. I used to be the only one in my family that thought this way, but my Mom got put as head of a new Emergency Preparedness Response section at the hospital she works at. So she has been buying a ton of food and supplies for our small stockpile in the garage.

Here's a list of the supplies in my B.O.B in my room:
-1 5x8 camo tarp
-4 emergency blankets
-2 packs Hotties hand warmers
-1 poncho
-2 giant black grabage bags
-1 deck cards
-1 notebook/2pens
-4 dice
-1 roll quarters
-2 rolls electical tape, half roll duct tape
-2 painters masks
-1 pair work gloves
-1 hankerchief
-1 small med kit
-1 4" knife
-1 LifeGear flashlight(really powerful)
-1 penlight
-1 headlight
-1 pack emergency food
-1 aluminum cooking kit
-1 roll snare wire
-2 bags random tinder
-2 mini survival kits
-100 ft paracord, 10 ft other string.
-1 walkie talkie
-1 pair binocluars
-2 composes
-2 whistles
-3 boxes matches
-1 flint and steel
-Assorted batteries for everything.
-1 .22 semi-automatic rifle w/1000-1500 rounds(Dad's)
-1 20 gauge shotgun w/10-15 shells(Dad's)
-1 .243 rifle with 30-40 rounds(Dad's)
-CB in vehicle
-Beanie and summer hat

Things I need to add:
-Saftey glasses
-Change of clothes
-Hygene stuff
-3 days+ of food/H2O.

My B.O.V (Bug out vehicle) is my DD Ranger. It's all I have, considering It's not legal for me to own anything.

Can be seen here: http://therangerstation.com/forums/s...d.php?t=119683

A list of things I have in the toolbox:
-Stanley 140 Piece Tool set
-A roadside emergency kit
-A bag of Misc. Tools and items
-Foldable shovel
-Mini snow shovel
-Extra oil
-Water bottle
-A bag of food and water for 2 people for 3 days. It's something my aunt got me for my birthday this year from a CERT meeting they went to.
-2 Tow straps
-2 pairs of gloves
-Small first aid kit
1989 Ford Ranger STX Extra Cab. Getting a HP Dana 44, 9 Inch rear, 5.13's. Doubler kit, and 37" IROKS w/beadlocks.
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heres a thought ever grown potatoes? no real work involved high calorie store for long periods, we used to grow them on the mountain i grew up on so we could get "new" potatoes for stew.
black berries will grow damn near anywhere and attract small game galore from birds to squirrels and even deer... no work either and they spread like wild fire.
bamboo... sounds dumb but its strong and good for building shelter, edible, can be burnt and spreads like a virus... again no work and will act like a fence if you plant it on the outside edge of your property
i inherited the cabin i grew up in when my dad died, its only 2.5 acres but it borders a 25000 acre state forest.
i think everyone thinking people will run to the mountains is based completely off of the internet, i think people will freeze in place... pure shock. and give it 3 months and those who are still alive will start drifting towards the mountains while rummaging for food. if its winter i would give it 4 weeks and most will be dead... sorry just truth.
i would love to learn more about these duraspark ignitions love the idea! i figured i would beat feet if the truck doesnt start lol
we have a natural mountain spring on the property which i plan to use as a trade item with those i trust
septic system so sanitation is up to par
ammo ammo ammo, and a 22 will take down a deer no problem... shoot it in the head lights out, 22 will not kill a hog with a head shot though
know your weapons inside and out, instead of having lots of different calibers and types keep it simple have several of the same firearms so you can interchange parts stock pile less types of ammo and you dont have to train with multiple platforms. for 1 person... 2 handguns, 2 primary weapons, 2 shotguns, and 2 22s... my preference would be glock 17 (military use 9mm and so do most pd), 9mm can bought in bulk for much less, and a high cap mag with light weight and they are rugged reliable. primary ar15 or ak47 the ar is americas rifle and our military and leo are issued them easier to control will take down a deer and is very accurate, they are extremely reliable if properly maintained. the ak has a better knock down was designed for a 12 yr old to maintain and will run filthy nonstop... but is far less accurate and ammo will dry up due to no major stock piles but alot of individuals own these
shotgun preference is remington 870 police 3.5" mag model, pump actions steel frame, all metal parts, will take any 12 guage made reliably. 22 would be ruger 10 22, reliable accurate, found everywhere
i would like to get enough food for 5 for a year and more water purification stuff
have a wood stove, would like to learn more about the wood alcohol thing and what parts on a truck would need to be changed to use this...
this is the basis for my build
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badmts is a jewel in the roughbadmts is a jewel in the roughbadmts is a jewel in the rough

Everyone should own a mtn bike-cheap,reliable and QUITE bov. For long term wood gas or steam is the answer,for 2-4 years diesel is my choice and short term gasoline.I also think it would be a good idea to know where vehicles that can travel on Railroads are stored/parked as you might need to borrow one of them as the bad guys won't be looking for rail traffic but they will watch roads/streets.Michigan State offers course on surviving zombie apocalypse now ,not a joke ,they really do! My biggest worry having to do with bringing on SHTF/WORL is economic collapse .
  1. Front & Rear winches,Custom Bumpers,Complete bed lined exterior,4.56 gears,LOCKED front&rear,CB and TRS sticker!
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Default hee

Originally Posted by 88_Eddie View Post
if you get close enough i'm guessing you could pop a deer in the head with a .22 and at least knock it out long enough to run up at cut it's throat..
I have hunted deer with my grandpas 22/410oau and a good neck shot behind the jaw with the .22 will drop them.... .22 is good at ricocheting off the skull and just scaring the f*** out a them
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Originally Posted by doorgunner View Post

well....there would be 1 exception....stealing from Politicians.....Hey--what goes around......comes around (WHO said that Politics is boring )
Trying to steal from the prepared would not be wise, since they would probably not have forgotton about preparing for protection!
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I have been reading throught this thread and must admit I haven't read every post so if I hit on things that have already been mentioned I am sorry. Let me also say that I am no "doomsday prepper" with a bunker or a compound but I think we as a society have gotten too far away from what our parents and or grandparents did, keep stores of supplies. They did it because in their day everything wasn't readily available and they didn't have the level of convienances we do now. I do not suppose I know what will happen in the future (sometimes I can't even figure out what I am going to do in a day). I am not saying "all is lost, all is lost" but I will say that we should all be prepared (to our level of ability) for the "what ifs" and be more self sufficient and stop relying on someone else to fix things for us. We should help others as well.

No matter if you bug out or bug in you need to be mentally prepared to adapt since nothing is ever like we think it will be. Remember two is one and one is none (have a back up for essential gear/items), and have a backup plan for whatever you do. You need to practice and become efficient at/with everything you plan to inlist/use, in the middle of catastrophy is not the time to realize the gadget you were trusting to (fill in the blank) has to have something you do not have to operate propperly. If bugging in or out to a survival location you need to start gardening now so you are proficient at it and put the learning curve behind you before you are counting on harvest to sustain you and yours. Shoot often and it is a good idea (no matter how long you have been around guns and shooting) to get some expert instructions on shooting and repair/maintenance. Shooting often will train you to do the same thing over and over (muscle memory) so if the shooting starts, then your brain falls out from the stress, you have it (training) to get you through. If you do not maintain your weapons they will not serve as their intended purpose-a tool. Barter items can be very useful, things like pocket knives (buy some decent but not expensive ones on sale and put them away), hotel soap/shampoo/coffee/sewing kits/etc., rope, and so many things can become worth wile items for trade or even to make alies. Solar power is a great idea to charge batteries, run a small fridge or freezer, a fan on those hot nights but don't broadcast it by turning lights on at night and the like, envy will get the best of someone and they will try to take what you have.
One very important thing to remember, be very selective who you reveal what you have and even that you are prepared. The buddy that you tell just might tell someone else (without meaning harm) but if it hits the fan that just may be the guy that comes with a few others to relieve you of your supplies. I hope I was helpful to someone and remember, we all have more in common than we do not.
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Default hehe

Originally Posted by 88_Eddie View Post
i'll meet up with you dude!!
im looking for a house in nc mountains now... if shtf b4 we move ill be aroud baneberry so dont shoot me!

Last edited by BoostCreep89; 04-04-2012 at 09:00 AM. Reason: grammar
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Old 11-15-2012, 10:43 PM   #159
Jim Oaks

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Once again, mother nature has reminded us why we need to be prepared for survival. This time is was Hurricane Sandy.
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Old 11-16-2012, 02:51 PM   #160
Scott B.

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Here's a thought:

We all have water jugs/cans we take camping and wheeling, right? Keep them full all the time. It may not be much, but a couple of gallons of water will be nice to have when there is none.

I normally have 11 gallons of water storage cans. I just purchased 4 Scepter 5 gallon cans, bringing my capacity up to 31 gallons.

It's not that much water, but with rationing/smart use (and draining the water heater) we should be OK for a while.
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1993 Ranger XLT V8, Modified - For Sale
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