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Default Transfer case noise...maybe?

1994 Ford Ranger XLT 4x4, manual 4 speed with overdrive...6 inch lift.

So, I have a rattling noise which seems to be coming from the transfer case...or somewhere in the middle of my drive train. I have to really keep my revs up to avoid the noise, and it cannot be avoided if going up hill.

It only really makes the noise when under load, like if I go up a steep hill, or a long distance gradual hill...or if I try to tow something.

The truck shifts into all gears just fine and drives quite well. It has a new clutch.

I did have a transfer case leak and bearing seal replaced about 6 months ago...but that only seemed to make it worse...since then the noise has been consistent.

I checked for simple things like a loose drive-shaft and what not...but cannot seem to source out the problem. I will check the differentials before I bring it in.

I'm sure someone knows what this noise is, any guesses before I go blindly to the mechanics? Really hoping I don't have to buy an entire parts truck just to get a decent transfer case replacement. I'm going to pay to fix whatever it is...as I really like my truck.

If it turns out I do need a need transfer case...what is the most I should pay for a rebuilt transfer case? Is there a super-duper-awesome transfer case I can buy instead if the generic OEM one?

Once I do have it fixed, I will post accordingly.

Also, I am going to buy new rear leaf springs. I read the details on the forums about leaf springs and what bushings to use, but was wondering which type would offer a smoother highway ride. I don't see any "soft-ride skyjackers". I have a really nice insulated and fabric covered Glass-tite canopy (160 lbs). Should I install an "add a leaf"? Because I find that canopies over time cause the rear leaf springs to sag-out...resulting in your front end sticking up in the air. Or would the "add a leaf" cause my ride to be stiff like a frigid old lady?

Thanks for any suggestions/directions.
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Have you checked fluid conditions and levels in both tranny and t-case?

I've had noises in both. My transmission noise was actually from the shifter bushing. It wore out, crumbled, and fell into the transmission. It got caught in an oil channel and blocked flow to the front section of the transmission.

T-Case was worn seals and bearings. $30 parts and an $8 tub of transmission assembly gel was all it needed.

I am far from a great mechanic, but I rebuilt both the transmission and the transfer case without any problems. T-case is actually pretty easy. If you want to see some pictures of the t-case rebuild, go to page 37 of my build thread in my signature.

The super awesome t-case is an Atlas 2 speed or 4 speed. It will set you back a few $k.

I can't offer a lot of advice on springs other than check the tech library for 63" Chevy leaf spring swap.
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