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Default m5od 1-2 gear shift fork burnup

Hi, I am trying to help out a friend with a 96 f150 300ci six. using a 1988 m5od trans. He called and told me he had no 1st or 2nd gear. after pulling the trans and shifter cover ,I noticed 1-2 shift fork was ground down to the point it was sliding by the gear collar. The shift rail actually traveled far enough to pop the welch plug on the front of the shift cover. I replaced the shift fork ,put the trans back in and everything worked fine. For about 500 miles or so. Got another call about not having 1st or 2nd gear, pulled the trans again along with the cover and saw the new shift fork I installed was ground down to the point the one I replaced was. What is causing this? Is the shift cover sticking, causing this fork to ride on the collar with pressure? I own a 95 Ranger 4.0 with a m5od trans that has 254k miles on it that I have driven daily since I bought it 5 years ago and have no problems at all with the trans. Any help with this nightmare is deeply appreciated.
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