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Default New guy... 3.0

Okay, so this seems to be the best place for people that actually know whats up with Ford v6 engines. I am working on a 1985 TVR Tasmin... I know not a Ranger, but it is very closely related. The car is a little British sports car that came from the factory with a 2.8 cologne (with fuel injection a bit of a cam and some funky heads...) but a cologne 2.8 and a 4 speed ford trans. The guy i got it from removed and disposed of the 4 speed and sat the engine outside with masking tape over the intake (11 years ago) and it is frozen up...

I got the car a couple weeks ago and am working diligently to prep it to be roadworthy again. Last night I was given a 3.0 (1998) a wiring harness and transmission. I was told the motor had a bad head but that it ran when removed (the guy who gave it to me is a friend and i have no reason not to believe him).

My question to you guys is... what is the best course of action in setting this 3.0 pile of parts into the car where a 2.8 used to live?

I have built many cars over the course of my days but I have always worked on old stuff without ecus and fi and the like... I have mechanical skills just no experience with this stuff.

any and all help is greatly appreciated.

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