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Old 11-20-2016, 06:16 PM   #381
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Vehicle Year: 1986
Vehicle Make: Bronco II
Vehicle Model: XLT
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Shanghaihog is on a distinguished road

I have an 86 Bronco II. Noticed that when I back out of the driveway (on a hill) that the truck will fall out of gear. If I give it gas then it stays in gear. Today I was in 4WD High and driving up a hill. I was accelerating then let off gas. Again, it 'lost' drive and could only be reengaged when I rolled back down to the bottom of the hill. I've done a lot of searches and haven't seen this problem repeated. Any ideas what could be the problem?
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Old 11-26-2016, 04:05 AM   #382
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Vehicle Year: 1994
Vehicle Make: Ford
Vehicle Model: Ranger 6cyl 4.0l 4x4
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I have a 1994 Ford Ranger XLT 6cyl 4.0l 4WD with an A4LD auto transmission that has trouble shifting from 1st to 2nd gear when it is cold. Once it warms up it seems to shift ok. No smoking issues. After reading this thread I decided to buy an aftermarket adjustable modulator and replace the old one. I took out the exhaust and replaced the old modulator and put the new one in and it immediately starting blowing out volumes, I mean volumes of white smoke that smelt like oil. I reread a thread on modulator replacement and then remembered I did not see the modulator pin during the replacement. I pulled the replacement modulator out and saw there was no pin in it. I felt around the area and to my surprise I found the pin laying on the transmission. I put the pin back in with the replacement modulator and it was still pouring out white smoke....Thinking the replacement modulator was bad I went into Amazon and ordered the OEM Motorcraft modulator for $50. When it arrived I got back under the truck and removed the hose from the aftermarket modulator and noticed about a couple of ounces of oil drain out of the line. I then replaced the aftermarket modulator with the new oem modulator carefully making sure the pin was installed with it. BTW, when installing the new modulator I pushed hard on it a few times before tightening it up and felt a definite click, I hope that was something that was meant to click and not me destroying the new modulator....,I then started the engine and it is blowing a lot of white smoke again. I have started it multiple times and run it for about 10 minutes each time at which time I have to turn the car off as the smoke is so bad I worry about my neighbors. I did notice when backing it onto the street that The transmission was slipping a lot. I checked the fluid level which was low and put 600 mls in it before it got to normal fluid range (I did this while the engine was running). I still can't get reverse as it slips and it's still billowing smoke. Transmission is not slipping in drive. Need help please, it's my sons first car, we have done lots of work to the truck, it's a really nice truck and would be perfect if we could just get this transmission working. On a side note, we purchased the truck from the neighbor who let it sit in the driveway for five years without running, he's the original owner and it only has 100 000 miles on it. I hope this means the transmission should be ok. Thanks for any help from the forum.

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Old 02-26-2017, 09:17 PM   #383
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Default 92 Ranger with A4LD

I have a 92 Ranger 3.0 V-6 2 wheel drive with a A4LD, shifts fine but it does not go into overdrive. It only shifts 2 times and I can't feel the converter lock up if it has a lock up. It was like this when I bought don't know how long it's been like this. It has no over drive button on the shifter but the indicator has 2 drives one with a circle around it that I run it in. Any suggestions.
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Old 03-18-2017, 05:33 PM   #384
The Kiln
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Vehicle Year: 1988
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Default 1988 Ford Ranger 2wd, 2.9 L 6 cyl, A4LD with Overdrive

My Ranger's a4ld transmission suddenly began slipping out of gear recently. The a4ld is the original, factory-installed transmission, with 125K miles on it. It was pulling strong and steady in all gears until the sudden jump in engine rpm's that signalled something had malfunctioned. Initially, I thought I had inadvertently bumped the floor shifter into neutral. Such was not the case. I made it home, and had a tow truck take it to a local well-respected transmission shop in Pinebluff, NC. The owner said it needed to be rebuilt, and he could do it all for 2,333 dollars. OUch.
I found a rebuilt a4ld with 28,000 miles on it, rebuilt by another reputable transmission shop in Dobson NC (the truck was a recently deer-wrecked 1988 Ranger 4wd). I want to ask you all if it will work as a replacement. Thank you very much.
Jackson Sadler
Sandhills area of North Carolina
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Old 08-30-2017, 12:26 PM   #385
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IIBRONCOS is on a distinguished road

I have a 1988 Bronco II with the A4LD automatic transmission.
The transmission shifts great from 1-2-3-4 but acts erratic at torque converter lock-up. Sometimes the TC will lock-up and stay locked up as long as it needs. Other times it will rapidly kick in and out of Lock-up even on a level or slightly downhill road. I talked to a transmission shop today and they said it did not sound like a transmission issue but and engine issue, like a sensor, brake light switch or an RF signal picked up by the computer. The engine runs great and I don't get any CEL. The transmission has no leaks and the fluid is full and very clean. Can someone help clarify ?
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Old 10-19-2017, 07:04 PM   #386
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Vehicle Year: 1990 1990
Vehicle Make: Ranger A4ld Ra
Vehicle Model: Standard cab long bed Ext cab short bed
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Blackjaq6991 is on a distinguished road
Default 1990 2wd only slips when in od

yup only when in od
i got this baby for 250 bucks they said the tranny was shot slipped so bad they pushed it home from the market.
i jumped it put in 1st drove it around the block and bought it
drove it home in drive no issues
but once in od it slips really bad
i changed filter and fluid normal amount of gunk in the pan fuzzy stuff on the magnet and grey goop on the bottom
tested the servos for resistance like my local auto guy advised both checked out to have proper levels as per my shop manual
and both clicked when i tested with a motorcycle battery and test leads
reassembled new fluid and at proper levels
drives like a dream just not in od .
i adjusted the band bolts like ive read but i dont think i went as far as snug just a couple turnss in from where i found them
igot the truck for the motor for my other extended cab 1990 5 speed but winter is close aand we get lots of fall rain in oregon so i just want to drive this one till spring
my 85 f150 has a beefed up 4.9l that get 9 mpg
so even in drive im doing way better closes to 14 right now but id love some input on what i might try next rebuilding is not an option since its just a donor anyway the other motor has cracked heads and spun bearings on the crank
thanks or any help Blackjaq
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Old 02-13-2018, 06:43 PM   #387
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Vehicle Year: 1986
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SpencerC is on a distinguished road
Default wont go into reverse or park

Help please!

My sons ranger wont go into nuetral or reverse. it is parked in a parking lot against a curb, we could go forward and get up onto the sidewalk but we can not get it into nuetral to roll it backwards nor into reverse.

We are at home reading through the haynes trying to get a direction.

First what transmission does a 86 ranger 4 wheel drive with a 2.9L V6 have?
The lever is on the floor and it has 1 2 D and OD N R P.

I have looked at the linkage and everything. it goes through all the gears physically but something inside the transmission is obviously not right.
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Old 04-06-2018, 04:11 PM   #388
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Vehicle Year: 1990
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Vehicle Model: RANGER XLT, loaded
I use this vehicle for: Getting from point A to point B
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SCOTTY is on a distinguished road
Default 1990 Ford Ranger XLT 2.9 V6 Auto.

Problem: No OD

Solution: Temp sensor connector (NOT the sending unit connector to gauge)
was loose.

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Old 09-10-2018, 04:51 AM   #389
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Vehicle Year: 1989 Ranger 2.9
Vehicle Model: 1977 Pinto Cruising Wagon (x2) 1990 Volvo 740 twincam
I use this vehicle for: work/ daily driver
My credo: They say it can't be done, so I did it. Again
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Default A4ld

My current A4LD 2WD Ranger was bought with the express advisory that "the transmission is dead and smokes up a storm behind you".
After firing it up I put it into gear and after making a sound I have NEVER heard from anything mechanical, and lurching in false neutral for a moment, I was able to drive it home about 12-15 miles through afternoon pre-rush hour traffic in the center of the city without any issues whatsoever. Subsequently I drove the truck a few times to the store on errands and such. When started it goes into gear immediately, then after about 10 to 30 seconds it goes to false neutral for a bit. If in a hurry I give it a jab at the gas pedal one, two or occasiuonally three times and it catches. Usually OK from that point on, but this is just short trips of five miles or less.
No attempt on a repair yet, it is about the fifth vehicle on the "to-do" list since it is essentially ready to run in a pinch.
I have had many vehicles, quite a few of them were/are Rangers and Explorers. I have always avoided the automatic versions but sometimes they start out as parts vehicles that are too nice to part out. That's when I get A4LD's
From what I have read, Ford was going to build an overdrive automatic for four and six cylinder compact vehicles and was deciding on whether to use the C4, which was used for V8 Mustangs, V6 Pintos, and many small block intermediate cars and light trucks. The alternative was to use the C3 trans which was not considered strong enough to use in a Pinto behind anything bigger than a four cylinder, and never in anything like a commercial vehicle, such as a pickup truck.
Obviously they have to use the C4, right?
Well no, because they let idiots called "accountants" make technical decisions. So, they used the C3.
I am only going by what I have read, but it sounds consistent with the practices in Detroit at the time. Which is why companies like Mercedes have good reputations, they never let accountants make important decisions.
I also read that the accountants were the ones that ruled out IRS for the 64 Mustang. Decisions made today affect a company's reputation, and therefore the profit margin long into the future in the auto industry.
Other than the nearly useless automatics, the Ranger became one of the most competent vehicles you can buy in any class.
Save a buck today to lower your reputation tomorrow.
BTW, if you want to build a C4, use the straight six cylinder F100 - F150 C4. It is the strongest one made, it has a separate ring of bolts for the pump and bell housing, no other C4 that I know of has this. Just swap out the bell housing for the one you need.
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