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Default F150 Vs. Ranger switch. My thoughts

Hello guys just thought I would give some of my thoughts for the people thinking they may want to switch to a Ranger. Seen a few people around mulling this decision and since I just did make the switch I figured I would put my thoughts here now that I have driven the Ranger for a few months and hopefully it can help somebody. These are just basic thoughts without getting into difficulty to work on and stuff like that. Although what little I have done the Ranger is easier so far.

First off I had a 2006 F150XLT Supercab 4 door 4x4 with the 5.4. It was an extremely nice and reliable truck for me that I loved so this opinion doesn't come with a bad experience. My Ranger is a 98XLT 4.0 4X4 Supercab 4door, 5speed. So with the exception of the tranny they are pretty similiarly equipped trucks.My reason for the switch was I just needed out from under the payment but still wanted the versatility of a truck.

First thing people talk about is mileage so thats where I will start. The Ranger is about 4mpg better than the F150. For my driving that equates to $50 bucks a month cheaper than the F150. Not a lot but it does pay my insurance every month. Keep in mind this is bone stock for both vehicles.

Driving is really no different for my Ranger. Only thing is now I have to shift. My Ranger drives just as good or better than my F150 did. Also the 4.0 in the Ranger has better power than the 5.4 did in the F150. The power to weight is much better and I am sure it helps that I can manage it how I want with the 5 speed. But if the interior was the same in both trucks I wouldn't be able to tell which I was driving. Both drive very well.

Maintenance cost. If your looking to save with a move to a Ranger this is where it gets a lot cheaper to own a Ranger. Brakes, shocks, spark plug change, etc. I have yet to pay more than 1/3 of what it cost me to fix or replace the same things on my F150. In some instances I paid less than a 1/4. And these are same manufacturers on the parts and when I did have a shop do it like in the case of the spark plugs it was the same shop. This is also just using local auto parts stores. No internet crazy deals or anything. In any case a whole hell of a lot cheaper to work on than a F150 which to me was a pleasant surprise because I was not expecting that.

The only big plus I can really give the F150 is room. I do miss that. The front seat in the ranger offers ample room for most people but the back is tiny. I took my back seats out because really they are useless. Right know I am getting around the lack of covered storage with a tonnaeu cover. It works well enough so far and just rolls up if I need to haul something bigger. But I still miss my big cab in the F150.

I have yet to tow anything with my Ranger but the only thing I ever towed with my F150 was a couple of four wheelers. I am sure the Ranger could handle that just fine. My uses for both trucks are the same. Daily driving and hunting. Haven't been hunting yet in my Ranger and this is where the lack of room is the most concerning to me. By the time I throw in my bow, all my cloths, a deer dolly, deer stands and whatever else I may decide to bring there won't be much room left in the little truck but I'll manage. This so far is the only real sacrifice I have had to make with the switch.

In the few months I have owned my Ranger I must say it has made me a fan. The 4.0 doesn't use a drop of oil, it runs and starts great and it has 187000 miles on it. It makes good power and the tranny and rear end seem to do a good job of getting the power to the ground. For people out there who are looking to save some money in repairs, don't have kids to haul around, or just need a truck that can do those smaller truck jobs then Rangers are wonderful vehicle to have sitting in the driveway. Also have an advantage of navigating tight parking lots better than a full size truck can. I was very afraid I would regret not going back to a full size truck after selling my F150 and I can honestly say I am glad I got my Ranger and really haven't missed my F150 a bit except for those occasions I have stuff I want to put in the cab that just won't fit. But thats few and far between. All in all Rangers are excellent alternatives to F150s if your situation calls for a change like mine did.
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