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Old 02-27-2010, 03:41 PM   #21
jim cafarelli
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Join Date: Jan 2010
Location: Valley Center,CA.
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Vehicle Year: 2000 2wd 5spd 4
Vehicle Make: FORD
I use this vehicle for: Picking up materials for work and my basic transportation
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It was a burnt valve on my 2004...
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vacuum leaks are the major cause of that deal, i had tons on my 93 truck, fixed them and she idles great. then the cat stopped up and had it removed, really lopes now from lack of exhaust pressure. as for the suggestion of moving the "idle stop screw" DO NOT TOUCH THAT!!! it is not an idle stop screw, that is the baseline stop for the throttle position sensor, you tamper with that and the computer on startup is going to think that 3-8% throttle is zero. this will really cause idle problems since the iacv will start hunting in warm weather (rpm fluctuation in warm weather).
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Old 10-05-2010, 04:19 PM   #23
dopey fudd
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Vehicle Year: 93
Vehicle Make: ford
Vehicle Model: ranger
I use this vehicle for: everything
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been a while...but there have been a few changes.

I put the original iac back on the truck at the biginning of the summer. it choked off just fine for a few days, no issues. I started it a few days later, after a rain shower. the truck went back to th old, "flash, stall, surg" after that happended, the truck failed to choke off again. this time, there was and has been no check engine flash, and absolutely NO choking of the engine. I have to keep my foot on the throttle until it warms up or else it either stalls, or lobes significantly. I am at this point looking as if the ecm has crapped out. Seeing how I have replaced everything prior to the ecm..basicaly everything that tells the ecm how much to tell the iac to close.

vacuume is ok, fuel pressure is ok, air intake is ok, spark is ok,
hardcore waterfowler
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