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Frank The Tank
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Join Date: May 2009
Location: Western Kentucky
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Vehicle Year: 98 70
Vehicle Make: Protege' F100-R
Vehicle Model: Wrecked but running XLT
I use this vehicle for: Getting to Work, Emptying my Wallet
Rep Power: 28
Frank The Tank is just really niceFrank The Tank is just really niceFrank The Tank is just really niceFrank The Tank is just really niceFrank The Tank is just really nice

10-40 Halvoline......... I use it in every vehicle I own. (used to use 15-40 but that stuff is nearly impossible to find around here now and all Halvoline is now "deposit shield")

My 2.3 has only had 15-40 and later 10-40 since 25k miles way back in 2001 and its racked up another 200k since and still gets driven daily with no leaks drips or smoke.... and I yanked the dip the other day just checking and it was light honey colored after 1k miles. (to give you an idea of how hard I am on it, it has a 5spd and I just had to put new tires on it after wearing the last pair down to wire in 20k miles over 14 months i have a thing for burnouts)

When I start my Ranger, babies cry.

I was happy once, smiled, it hurt my face!!!

7.3 liter gasoline. The way FE's were supposed to be.

Originally Posted by robertc1024 View Post
Frank, I'm glad you're back. You're like the pepper to the sauce.
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Vehicle Year: 2002
Vehicle Make: Ford
Vehicle Model: Ranger Edge 3.0 cranked with 31's cambered & aligned.1 of a kind.Chrome/white front.Pic soon........
I use this vehicle for: Wife taxi
Rep Power: 18
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Default 10/30

10/30.My vote

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Vehicle Year: 2000
Vehicle Make: Ford
Vehicle Model: Ranger
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10w30 in the winter, 10w40 in the summer. No worries.
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Join Date: Dec 2008
Location: Capital District NY
Posts: 304
Vehicle Year: 2002, 2005, & 2
Vehicle Make: All Fords
Vehicle Model: Ranger Edge '02, Freestar '06 & The newest '05 F150 FX4 SCrew
I use this vehicle for: Original Daily Driver/New DD
Rep Power: 20
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Originally Posted by Rearanger View Post
Thinner oils recommended by manufactures were engineered to perform in those engines by oil engineers - so you think you know better?
Nope, But Ford seams too.......... In early 2000 (2001, 2002, etc not sure), Ford came out and change all its oil recommendations and stated that 5-20 was recommended in all engines, new models and older models with the exception of ONE MOTOR........The 4.0 Liter engine should continue to use either 10-30 or 5-30 (can't remember which). That they had found no issues with using the thinner oil in older motors and that they would benefit as well by having a slightly improved fuel milege. So I just can not agree with "Thinner oils recommended by manufactures were engineered to perform in those engines by oil engineers - so you think you know better?" Because FORD changed their minds after the engines were built.............. Again Oil type and weight (for the most part) are personal opinion. My dad swore by Quaker State and know someone else changes his oil, and its not quaker state. I used to be Valoline only, then bought a Ford requiring 5-20 (OEM / Warranty) and found 5-20 not to be as readily available in Valoline at the time, but could always seem to find Motorcraft, so I used it. The last 2 yrs I have had Oil changed by Jiffy Lube (Havoline I believe), but when I do it myself it Motorcraft, I do not know why I just do, and I have never used a NO Name or Store Brand........but it should be all the same. The partical counts and additives may not be the exact same, but I will guarantee if you can get that info (ususally a trade secret) you will find very little difference in their chemical / mixture specifications.
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