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Default Engine "sputter" at low RPMs ??

I will try to make it short and simple..

Okay basically I got new tires on my 2001 Ford Ranger this weekend and the guy at the shop was telling me I appeared to have a misfire...(I'm HOPING/thinking a faulty spark plug) when the engine is at idle id is smooth as can be but giving it light gas it seems to sort of sputter a bit before "catching up" so to speak.. I was thinking possibly a failed spark plug (however it runs smooth at idle) or possibly a weak spark or bad gapped plug.. I forget the methods of testing a plug other than something about taking the plug out with the wire on it and setting it next to the ex manifold but I was just curious if there could be (from my explanation) an alternative source causing it to "sputter" at lower idles..

Any advice is much appreciated !!

Thanks in advance..
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you might need to change the fuel filter. check out the plugs, plug wires. and the such. those 3 are what i would start with. then possibly clean the maf while ur in there. might be the TPS too
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