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Default 98-01 4x2 SAS

I've been researching this idea for a few years. Here is my plan. The victim is a '01 Ranger 4x2 standard cab flareside with coil spring A-arm front suspension. The axle I am considering is the D30 from the Jeep Grand Cherokee WJ 99-04. The axle will be hung on adjustable long arms. Depending on where they fall on the frame. I may make a three-piece bolt in cross member to hold the long arms and a drop out center section for transmission removal.

The plan for the steering is using an F150/Bronco box mounted to the outside of the frame. I will box the frame and brace it where the box will go. I will also lose the cross member under the engine, where the original suspension mounted, and go with a box tube cross member. The spring buckets are molded into the frame. My thoughts here are to section the outer half of the spring bucket and weld in the spring/shock bucket from an early F150/250 and box/brace around it. I'll follow others and run early Bronco springs.

I'm not planning a gonzo go anywhere offroader. My plan is to run 35x12.50-17 tires. I may end up on 33's. I would really like some E rated 34x9.50s-17, but I can't find them. Brakes will dictate wheel size.

I want to stay low and light as possible so I can pull a 6x10 cargo trailer. This may mean finding a set of fiberglass flared fenders or doing a little trimming. Most of my off pavement driving will consist of forest service roads, fields, and old logging roads. Of course, I won't be pulling the trailer through any real rough stuff.

My question to the SAS guys running coil springs.
What shocks are you running and how do you like them?
What are you guys doing about limiting droop? Are you relying on the spring to stop the axle? Is there a shock capable of handling the droop without getting damaged? Straps or something else?
What do you guys recommend for wheel backspacing? Should I stick close to the WJ OE wheel's backspacing? The wheels I am planning are 17x8 or 10 Cragar Soft 8.

After I get everything in and rolling, I'll do upgrades like hi-steer and axle upgrades to handle the 35s. I'm sure this will take a while as I plan to scour JYs and CL until I have a good hoard of parts. Currently, I am hoarding parts for a VW 2.0 BEW TDI with M50D-R1 manual swap.
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